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MBA 2012 SSD/Pictures issue

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ShrubbySoup, Mar 19, 2013.

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    I baught a Mac on sunday and i have notices a real drop allready in my SSD space. it says i have over 3GB of music on here and around 800MB of pictures, which as you should see from my screenshot, i don't. also there is 20GB of 'other' on there which i have no idea what it is. Please help, Connor :)
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    That "other" is everything that does not fall into one of the other categories, like the OS. 20GB sounds about right.

    Those numbers come from the Spotlight index and can be buggy. Try reindexing Spotlight to fix it. Open the Spotlight pane in System Prefs and in the Privacy tab drag Macintosh HD into Privacy, then drag it back out. That will force a reindex. Check your number again after the reindex.
  3. ShrubbySoup, Mar 19, 2013
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    I have jsut tried that and now it says there is nothing other than 30GB of 'other'
    I think i have broke it even more, help! :)

    EDIT: It has now gone back to saying that not everything is 'Other' but still that i have 300MB of pitures that arent there etc...
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    Did you wait long enough for it to finish reindexing? While it is indexing, there will be a pulsing dot in the Spotlight icon in the menu bar.

    That 300MB of "pictures" includes any jpg etc on your system, not just your personal photos. For example, many apps come with jpg or png files that are included as graphic elements in the app... and those are all included in the 300MB. Same for videos, there are some small videos included with certain apps. Do any of the categories still look WAY off?
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    There are around 800MB of pictures and 3.5GB of music aparently still on here, but now i think of it, GarageBand had music loop files installed, hence the 3.5Gb but i still cant think of where i would have that many pictures?
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    800 MB seems about right. I show 8.6GB of photos, but my personal "Pictures" folder only has 7.8GB. So the difference is about the 800MB you are seeing. If you do a wildcard search for jpg you will see thousands of them in all sorts of apps. The Desktop backgrounds alone take a bunch of space.

    I think you are fine. :)
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    Thanks dude, you really helped :)
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    If you want some easy space, delete the sleep image-you will free the amount of space equal to you RAM i.e 4 or 8 GB.

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