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MBA 2012 vs MBA 2013

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Noimus, Jul 30, 2013.

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    Hey guys so I decided on getting a MBA for school use. I'm definitely getting a 13" since 11" just seems too small. Battery life is a huge issue, but I don't mind carrying my charger along with me since MBA 2013 is expensive. I got a good deal on a refurbished 13" MBA for $849. Should I hop on that deal and buy it right away? My MBA would be for only basic use so I don't need anything high end.
    I'd like to get the MBA 2013 but do you think I should pay the extra $300 for it? I mean the only thing I see is the battery life being useful. Let me know guys!

    Also, I might use the MBA 2012 in clamshell mode when I'm home sometimes!
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    The 2013 13" Air is $1049 with the student discount, plus you get a $100 iTunes/AppStore gift card right now because of the back-to-school promotion.

    So you're looking at about $100 difference if you count the gift card.

    For that $100 you get better battery life, a faster SSD, and better graphics (HD 5000 vs HD 4000), as well as dual microphones for better voice recognition. Plus it's a newer model year so you should get better resale down the line.

    That said, if you're looking at buying through Apple's certified refurbished store via their website then that's a good way to go too if you get a good deal, since you get the same return period and warranty.

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