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MBA and Time Machine

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by PreetinderBajwa, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to check if he problem was unique to my MBA (Rev B, HDD) or you notice it too ;

    My Time Machine backup takes up to 6 hours to do a backup of about 30GB. And each backup size is 31.5GB everytime !! :confused:

    I have the following Config - 80 GB for OSX (53GB Free) and 40 GB (10GB Free) for Win 7 on Bootcamp. Sometimes I wonder if TM making a backup of Win 7 also everytime. (Does it mean - In a way its good, that means I should be able to restore the entire hard disk from TM including Applications, Win 7 , bootcamp and all the programmes installed in Win 7 in case I have a problem ?):confused:

    But the speed should still be fast... 6 hours to do a 32GB backup is torturous specially because then I have to leave the machine alone and cannot use it. :mad:


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    6 hrs seems a little long, but it's not "just" the transfer that's taking so long. TM is indexing all the changes made to the drive and comparing them against the old backup. That takes a while.
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    It looks as if TM is copying the whole bootcamp partition. You can exclude it in system preferences > TM if you like.

    By the way: What kind of connection do you use between the Air and the external HD? Maybe there's a faster way too.
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    Thanks - Solved

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for reading the question and sharing your views. I have am external USB 1TB connected to the MBA (its the new Western Digital 2.5" one) :)

    My original suspicion and your observation are right, its the Bootcamp ! I excluded the Bootcamp from and back up and now it breezes through !

    I was getting greedy when I though its a great idea :D to have Bootcamp backed up too, that to me meant that in case of disaster I could actually restore my entire MBA through bootcamp, Win 7 and all the programs and data on that side. Without having to recreate partitions, load Win 7 and all the crap again, and best of all I would start with the latest updated version - i.e. typical to any reinstall won't have to download all the updates which adds a couple of hours to getting the machine ready !

    Thanks guys.


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