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MBA can be opened with a single hand?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by lightning inc., Mar 13, 2011.

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    Macbook Air can be opened with one single hand like the MBP or you should hold the bottom part?
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    Depends on the surface but in most cases it can be.
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    Oh, I see. thanks.
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    Use a finger only.
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    Slowly, and if the MBA doesn't slide away because it's on a slippery surface. But the MBA is so light that it slides around easily on some slick enough surfaces.
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    I got mine like right at launch, and I need to just hold the bottom a little or else it lifts the bottom. So the hinge hasn't really loosened yet.
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    Like others mentioned, I can normally open with one finger if its on a non-slippery surface.
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    The hinge on my 13" MBA is pretty tight. I have to work it a bit to open it. Takes two hands and some prying.
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    Not in my experience. Its so light and the rubber feet aren't very grippy so it slides around all over the place when trying to open it with one hand.
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    hate to hear that:(
    it is kind of a deal breaker for me.
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    can open mine no prob with one hand
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    I can open my 11" with one finger up until 45 degrees, and then the bottom is so light that the front bottom of the Air starts to lift off the ground.
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    this is my main concern.
    though I really want new mac, I think I'll wait for the next gen MBA because I want it to be my daily drive.
  14. 2IS
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    Post a link to the laptop you'll get that allows you to do this on a consistent basis.
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    Charlie Sheen

    It's very easy to open it with one hand but as a postr above say depends on the surface and you have to do it slowly.
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    You're delaying buying a computer because you might have to use two hands to open it?

    Crazy! :eek:
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    MBP, am I wrong?

    (in addition, the HP EliteBook also opens this way, but my next laptop is mac for sure.)
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    Apple OC

    I would think the next MBA will open the exact same way
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    I have a 13" which could be the main reason. My guess is that physics dictates the 11" would be easier to open with one hand.

    Why is that a deal breaker? Do you have one arm? (not trying to make a cruel joke, its a serious question).
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    Glue a brick to the bottom of your MBA so that is will have the same weight of an MBP to hold it down.

    Or try lifting a sheet of paper from a slippery desk with one finger and see how well you do.

    I like the fact that my MBA 11 is so light.
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    You are wrong.
    Next MBA will be even worse, because it will be even lighter :D
  22. ritmomundo, Mar 13, 2011
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    Ive got an 11 inch MBA (bought on launch), and while it does matter for the most part what surface its on, I can easily open it with one hand without the bottom lifting up. This is more of an issue if there a slick surface, where you might have to open it a little slower. And yes, if you open it too fast, the bottom will lift. I have rarely ever found the need to use 2 hands to open my MBA.

    The 13inch MBA is much easier to open with one hand. I played with one in the store and the bottom never lifted up. Also, watch the MBA commercial. They open the 13 inch MBA with one finger.. easy shmeasy.
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    Everyone may not be as fortunate to have 2 hands (no offense OP, I'm not assuming anything, I'm just trying to make a point). Things do happen (ie, 127 hours), so I can understand why this would be an important consideration for some...
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    Cheesus chrise I really cannot believe that someone would base their buying decision on whether or not you can open a MBA with only one hand. I seem to remember a time when folks complained the hinges were too loose.
    For me they struck a perfect balance between too tight and too loose. Get a life.
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    mine is a little tighter at the hinges, but in the apple store, I have been able to open the lids with one hand.

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