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MBA, Change DD with future SSD possible?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by youyesyou, Jan 21, 2008.

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    a question that i can't sleep at the moment without posting it on the forum

    Do you think i could buy the 80 go drive version of the MBA and later change to SSD or do you have to buy the SSD version right from the start to be able to change to a larger SSD later ?
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    People are already hoping to put a 128mb SSD drive in the MBA. Braver than me I have to say. Until someone does it I guess its all speculation...


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    Anonymous Freak

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    the drive is a standard parallel ATA drive, and it appears that the drive is easy to replace, so I don't see why not. Although because you have to remove the case, it will probably void the warranty.
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    i hope it would be easier to disassemble a MBA than a MBP/MB.
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    It's already been talked about how the battery (and everything else) is very quick to get to. The entire bottom pops off and you can access it all.

    Time will tell how easy it is to swap the HD.
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    I will post pics of a DIY my friend is going to try it, the samsung has the same connecters as the pATA drive....he has one now
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    Anything's possible!
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    This is good news because I'm going with the 80GB hard drive for now, then will upgrade to SSD when they get a little more reasonable for at least 128GB.
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    Nice. 999 for 64 gigs just doesn't rub you the right way huh? :)

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