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MBA for $550, anyone?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MattyK, Dec 26, 2008.

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    It looks like a scam, could just be a stolen MBA. Either way I would stay away from it.
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    It's probably a Pystar clone of an MBA...:eek:
  5. Aea
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    That site is nothing more then another eBay clone, would you buy something from somebody with no feedback? It's a scam.
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    Look at this. Does that look like a good seller?

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    general rule: if it seems too good to be true, then it is
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    well just so you know, i'm not even thinking about purchasing it, just for general conversation/interest.
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    please dont waste your hard earn money. its a scam.
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    put it on a CC and order a dozen if they don't come, call the CC people:)
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    If they let you checkout with a credit card, that's a pretty interesting thing to do. Maybe I'll give it a try haha, if I get a $550 MBA, GREAT! If I don't, I just call my CC company and complain. Just lose some time and some of my voice. This may be worth it :)
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    A scam most likely ....:rolleyes:
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    a big red flag is the escrow.

    a common scam device.

    Stay away.
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    I imagine your joking but someone may take this seriously

    Please do not throw your money away (or worse; give it to thieves)
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    CCwill cover items that are not received, so you will not lose a penny.
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    Agreed to above.
    I guess it's really just a risk of receiving a dodgy MBA for your money.
    Who knows, it could be a real MBA, but they just took everything out from the inside..
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    That has to be a scam, don't make the mistake that I did when purchasing an iTouch and Mac Air from a dude selling it out the back of his car lol. Check out the reinactment my friend and I did after this guy tried to rip me off, its funny as hell and about 90% true.

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    If it has paypal protection I would get it but I don't have $550 laying around:(
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    That's a very common and scary scam. I've been aproached buy men (and women) in vans selling 'home entertainments systems' several times.

    I imagine it's bait and switch that works on peoples greed. They act like the stuff is hot and they are trying to get rid of it for almost nothing.

    They show you the Flat screen TV, or whatever, and then while you're settling the money they switch boxes (I think this is probably how they do it).

    In Duluth Georgia I've been approached about five times on Pleasant hill rd (don't ask me why)
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    if it's too good to be true, it probably is.
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    is there an echo in here? :D

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    :apple:Paypal will too so if you want to give it a shot and pay one of these two ways I say go for it!:apple: DONT USE ANY OTHER PAYMENT LISTED!
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    it's an old one too...

    From the product description:

    Video is powered by the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100, which provides 144 MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory.

    They have been dumping these old units at fire-sale prices.

    Still very cheap, but if it is a refurb of an out of date model, with a grey history, who knows? :confused::confused::confused:
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    Dear Lord, OF COURSE IT'S A SCAM. Now the thread posts alternate between people saying "if it's too good to be true" for the 10th time and "maybe...". Let's just close the thread and be done with this.
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