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MBA "Glossy" screen….?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by monaarts, Jan 25, 2011.

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    I keep reading about how people prefer the MBP screen because of how glossy the new MBA screen's are… I went to the Apple Store yesterday and literally compared the two side-by-side and the MBA seemed almost like an anti-glare screen. The reflection of the lights were a darker purple almost and very faded, while the MBP was exactly the opposite - bright and blinding.

    Maybe I am confused about what people keep saying about it being "glossy" but I wanna make sure I'm not missing anything before I go buy one in the nest few days… Thanks!

    - Joe
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    It is not exactly anti-glare nor glossy. Half-half I guess :) So far I experienced that colors are deeper than anti-glare but makes less reflection than fully glossy MBP screens.
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    That is what I thought… I felt that it looked much nicer than the screen on the MBP, not just the resolution but the colors and resistance to glare. Just my opinion though.

    - Joe
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    No "edge to edge" glass on the glossy Air display like there is on the MBP...
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    Exactly. On the MBP, you end up with a dual glossy display. The display is covered in it's entirety by acrylic, and beneath the acrylic is an LCD panel with a glossy finish on it.

    The anti-glare MBP omit the glass, and swap the LCD panel out for one with a matte finish.

    The Air in contrast, is similar to how the glossy MBP would be sans glass. You still have a display with a glossy finish, but no glass.
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    So how does the lack of glass disadvantage the Air?
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    - Harder to clean (wiping glass vs. delicately wiping LCD panel).
    - Bezel ridge collects dust in corners.
    - Panel probably more susceptable to damage.
    + Less glare
    + Black levels seem lower (i.e., better)
    + Weight reduction


    - Glare
    - Extra weight from glass
    - Potential for dust between panel and glass
    + Screen protected by glass
    + Easier to clean
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    I would also imagine that the glass provides a bit more rigidity to the overall structure of the lid of the MBP...but, it also adds weight, which they clearly didn't want to add to the Air...
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    I think there's basically no disadvantage to the type of glossy display on the Air. The laptop I had previously to my 11" Air was the 13" Pro, I much prefer the glossy display on the Air. I can actually go outside with my Air and still see the display. It's great.
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    You mean glass, not acrylic.
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    i put on a matte screen protector on my air the first day i got it... helps with the glossiness, and makes the screen alot easier to clean as well
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    take the negs mentioned on the non glass panel with a grain of salt, it's easy to clean, it doesn't gather dust on the sides, and there's no sign it's less durable.

    The screen is great, albeit it does have pretty bad viewing angles (no ips a la ipad), but in terms of glare and gloss I think it's almost perfect, better than matte, and (it goes without saying) better than the horrid glary glass.
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    What are you talking about? The Macbook Air and Macbook's non-glass screen are horrendous to clean! The glass is the easiest of them all. All you need is a little water and a microfiber and it wipes clean- streak free. Do this with the glass-less screens and you'll have streaks galore. I was so fed up with cleaning my white Macbook's screen that it was one of the main reasons I went pro. Needless to say, the Macbook Air and Macbook's non-glass screens gather MUCH more dust and grime than the glass covered screens. This is fact and common sense because their displays are not flush with the bezel. With Macbook Pro's screen there is no bevel rim as the glass goes over both the bezel and the screen.
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    a little dramatic aren't we?

    i've had the mba 13 ever since it came out and the thing is as good as new and i'm NOT a stickler for a clean screen. i've maybe wiped it down once.

    some people man. :D
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    No, not dramatic. Mark my word, when it comes time to clean your screen it will be irritating and will be almost impossible to make it smudge free. I have had a Macbook, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro, so I know what I am talking about. The glass makes it VERY convenient and simple to just wipe clean instead of struggle.
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    Er, I'm OCD and I don't have any difficulty cleaning the screen. Maybe you're using the wrong sort of products.

    In terms of preference, I like the finish on the Air vs the "glossy" MacBook Pros. In moderate sunlight they were like mirrors, while the Air is still usable.
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    All of the screen types are fairly easy to clean. I use a damp paper towel on them and I've always been able to clean any of them. Right now I've got a couple of glossy Macbooks with the same type of screen as the MBA, couple of glass covered screens and a MBP with the matte screen. Clean them all carefully and the same way. All come out looking great.

    You just have to be smarter then the screen :)
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    Apparently nobody understands what I am saying. With the glass display on the Macbook Pro, it is a fact that a dab of water and a quick swipe cleans it good as new- no smudges, no anything. With the non-glass displays you cannot do this. Try it right now. Get a little water and the Apple microfiber and try. I guarantee your display will have streaks or smudges at certain angles (put it in sleep- you'll see it) on the non-glass displays. Do the same with a Macbook Pro and you will not have this trouble. The fact that I don't have to buy an extra cleaning product (just the Apple microfiber and a dab of water) to clean my glass screen = glass > non-glass display in my book. If you cannot replicate this situation and notice the difference, you are obviously not as astute as I am or as OCD as I am about my displays. That's fine, but the fact still stands. Search online and you will see that many people prefer the glass displays of the Macbook Pro over the Macbook Air/ Macbook for this reason alone.
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    So instead of taking 10 seconds it might take 30 seconds, big deal. It's not like you clean your screen everyday. The point is that every screen is easily cleaned with minimal effort. The fact that the stupid glass screens are horribly reflective is far worse then any perceived problems with cleaning non-glass screens.
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    1) It takes way longer than 30 seconds to get a non-glass display streak-free with just the Apple microfiber and water, if at all.
    2) With the glass display no need to buy a cleaning solution.
    3) Wrong. No reflection is worst than BSing around with cleaning a screen. Especially for those who work non-stop on their machines and are on the go. The glass displays are not "horribly reflective". The plastic screens, on the other hand, look cheap and are a thing of the past. The glass is quality and looks beautiful. You can stick with the plastic, I'll stick with my professional glass display. Thanks.
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    Oh, and yes, I do wipe my screen clean every day of dust and smudges. In fact, sometimes more than once a day. Never takes more than a few seconds. Usually with the microfiber alone and a drop of water for a stubborn smudge.
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    As someone who just replaced the glass in my Macbook Pro a couple months ago, I can tell you that it doesn't really add any weight. Literally it might weigh a fraction of an ounce.
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    Funny, I'm able to keep my fingers off of the screen and I don't talk with a lisp so nothing is spraying on the screen. It also takes some time for dust to be a problem. Therefore I have no need to clean my screen very often.

    How in the world do you get your screen dirty everyday?
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    I never said I "get it dirty". I said I am particular about my displays and want no imperfections. I bet you think you've hit it out of the park with such a "witty" comeback, huh?
    1) Smudges appear. Especially since Macbook Pro has edge-to-edge glass that covers the bezel. Who knows how they get there. No I do not "finger" the screen. Nice one. I do, however open my Macbook Pro the way it is intended to be opened and sometimes that entails the tip of the thumb brushing the iSight camera.
    2) If you have sharp eyes and are astute, you would realize that dust particles attach to the displays every minute. I am not talking about a thick layer of dust.
    3) Really? You do not have to have a lisp to get the tiny "spit spots". Simply talking to someone in another room while working on the computer will do it.

    **** happens and I like my display spotless, so I do indeed wipe it with my microfiber multiple times per day and none of it has to do with me rubbing my fingers around the screen, living in filth, or having a lisp. Nice try.
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    in any case the screen is dead easy to clean, and there's no discernible advantage for pretty much anyone using the glass layered screen. There's also none of the horrible mirror like glare, so please don't perpetuate this nonsense for no good reason.

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