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MBA Hands-On Post here...

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by netdog, Jan 31, 2008.

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    I think most of us want to know how the performance is and how the two standard models compare. When will we notice the difference? Is the 1.6 boot time and app loading time good? Does the 1.8 boot in a flash?

    Those with your hands on them right now, let us know what you think!
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    I know, It's hard to find anyone actually talking about them yet. Mostly it's "it's on it's way!"....

    I'd like to know:

    1. The degree the lid opens compared to the Macbook (or MBP which is worse than the MB).

    2. Heat and heat compared to MB or MBP. And where exactly IS the heat. Center top or would it be on the side where your knee would be.

    3. The front edge... Is it sharp like the MB or comfy/rounded and doesn't dig into wrists?
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    i can answer the heat issue. it gets warm on the back left part, but nothing compared to the MBP. everywhere else there is no heat
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    I didn't put them right next to each other, but I was just at the Apple store and I'd say the screen opens about the same as the MBP and the edge did seem to make me want to keep my wrist raised.
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    Come on. Let's hear about performance, not screen angle. LOL
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    The performance was good on the1.8/SSD, it wasn't able to play a 1080p h.264 movie trailer smoothly though, despite the fact that the cpu wasn't 100% utilized.

    I did an xbench score and the SSD was twice as fast as the HDD one Engadget tested.
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    I'm interested in screen angle too. I refuse to buy a MBP until they fix the screen angle. The MB is better, but they need to open as far as my Powerbook does.
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    Just curios, how do you use it that you need the screen to open more?
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    Because I wouldn't be using it on a Desk.

    I'd be using it on my lap/knees, etc. Sitting on sofa with feet on sofa, feet on coctail table, sitting in bed, reclining on sofa, outside with it on lap, on train with it on lap, walking around puttering while glancing at the screen or in kitchen while cooking, etc. Lots of reasons to want it to open more than what's required in an office/desk type situation. It's my one issue with Apple laptops.

    I'm really dissapointed to hear it doesn't at least open as much as a macbook. I don't understand why they keep designing this restrictive hinge.
    Then, add the angle of the bottom - it would make it worse. :( I still want one though.

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