MBA (Late 2011 - 4GB RAM, 128GB, 11') 64bit or 32bit?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Stanoefc, Dec 18, 2011.

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    Ok so im getting a MBA 11' for christmas and I am going to be programming Java on it and I will be using Eclipse. But, the thing is, when I go to download Eclipse off the website, it shows this;

    Mac OS X 32 Bit
    Mac OS X 64 Bit

    What is the MBA's? 32 or 64?

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    64 bit
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    Good to know, I'm also getting an air for Christmas and I've heard jcreator doesn't work for Mac, so I'll have to find something else.
    Only one more week of windows!

    Have you heard if Xcode is good for java programming?
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    IntelliJ would be my recommendation since I spend a fair bit of time writing Java code. Eclipse is fine too.
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    Xcode no longer suppots Java programming.

    Is everyone sure that the 2011 MBA with Lion on is a 64bit?

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    All Apple computers have been equipped with 64-bit CPUs ever since Core 2 Duos.

    Yes. Look at this screenshot of Activity Monitor. All processes are 64 bit except Chrome's:

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    Thanks a lot, really helped me out.
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    Also, Lion only runs with a 64-bit kernel on new hardware. It will run with a 32-bit kernel, but on hardware that is a few years old.
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    Yes, I can speak for everyone in this regard that the 2011 MBA with Lion runs in 64-bit mode by default.

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