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mba over mbp for web browsing

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by tim100, Sep 1, 2009.

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    Would air owners, if they could do it over again, pick an air over a 13 mbp?
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    absolutely, at least in my case.....for web browsing, mail and in general for all the activities not power intensive I find the MBA just perfect.:eek:
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    Absolutely pick the Air again... And again...

    As far as web browsing, there is some merit to what's "powerful enough" to run web plugins like Flash. In the case of the MBA, a 2.13 GHz Intel Penryn Core 2 Duo SL9600 CPU has a plenty fast enough/capable processor for even the most demanding plugins like Flash. Flash does hit the CPU fairly hard, and a 1.6 GHz CPU can suffer, but with a Penryn 2.13 it fulfills all the processing needs.

    I will pick the Air again...
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    Clix Pix

    Absolutely! I have loved my first-gen Rev A MBA from Day One.
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    I would pick the MBP.

    You never know that odd occasion when you may need just that little more power than a MBA can handle.

    Just my opinion though.
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    Clix Pix

    I would not choose the Air as my ONLY computer; it is great as a secondary computer, the one you take traveling or out to the front porch or to the library.
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    If its just to surf the web why not save some $$$$ and buy a windows or linux netbook?
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    The air does all I need it to do--surfing, email, office apps, presentations, DVDs, even some light Photoshop and portable video storage.

    The best thing is that it begs to be carried places and I use it far more than any other laptop I've owned.

    The only competition *might* be the tablet.
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    Oh yes, I would definitely pick my MacBook Air over a MacBook Pro 13" again, no question about that.
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    Clix Pix

    UGH!!! I use Macs to get AWAY from Windows and all of its problems. Surfing the web with a Windows machine would mean Anti-virus protection and all sorts of potential issues. No thanks! My MBA is much more elegant looking, too, than any netbook I've seen. It is a true joy to use, especially with that wonderful screen and full-sized keyboard.
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    I never had a problem with virus and I run windows, with no issue at all. Plus, the MBA weighs too much for a device that has no optical drive and is spars on ports. If web surfing is really all you do, again a Windows or Linux machine is a nice low cost choice and with some netbooks and low cost laptops you can run OSX, but that is a topic for another site.
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    Maybe because it actually has a decent 13" screen with a full keyboard to actually make it useable? And if you really think that the MacBook Air is too heavy, go lift some weights, better yet lift some 17" MacBook Pros :D
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    No, because if you look at light weight 13in device like the Sony Vaio Z, which is comparable to the 13in MBP in specs(plus a few things like express card slot). Granted it doesn't run OSX, but again, my point is Apple could have easily made the MBA weigh less.
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    Clix Pix

    Let me guess: you've got an iPhone or maybe an iPod Touch but you've never actually used a Macintosh computer.... Sorry, buddy, you're in the wrong forum with what you are trying to promote. A hint for success here is that since you're on a site which is specific to Macs you're not going to get too far cheerleading for Windows or Windows-based netbooks.

    My MBA is quite lightweight enough for me and with its slim design it slips into any carrying case when I want to take it somewhere or sans case it easily goes around the house and outside to the deck carried in one hand....

    Windows? No thanks! I did my time fiddling with DOS and then after WIN 3.1 and its successors, digging around in Windows in the Registry trying to solve various problems. It is SUCH a joy to just be able to use my computer and not have all those hassles any more!
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    Since I just make this same decision, yes I'd pick the Air again.
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    did you have to go buy a superdrive to put snow leopard on it?
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    yeah, your knockin on the wrong door to be selling that junk.

    maybe you should try a few address down. maybe the
    "we love FATAL ERRORS" PC forum...
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    It's very easy to install off a flash or external drive. That's how I did it...no need for a superdrive.
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    Sorry, no I don't own any new iphones, have a hacked ipod mini though, and love my first gen MBP and liked my ibook, but again you are missing my point. My point isn't about getting that computer, or anything about windows. My point is the MBA is heavy for not having any ports, or drives, when you look at a thick computer(almost twice as thick), with a blu-ray drive, and more ports. Apple could have easily gone wild and made the air super light, like 3lbs or less, while still keeping everything the same. One of the reason I didn't get the Air, because I would have buyers remorse for some reason, and the Z can't run OSX, so decided to keep my MBP and get the TT for portability and good power(for its size).
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    Wa I just looked it up and by golly he is sadly right. I know both Sony and Apple have been rated fairly well in terms of product quality so how can a device that comes with a dvd built in, has firewire, and has to bigger I am assuming so it doesn't over heat have the same effin weight as a device that is suppose to light weight and compact? Is it because the MBA is metal and this if faux carbon fiber with plastic?

    Damn I was set to plop down cash on the Air but if apple can fit a firewire drive, and an express slot and keep it the same weight and thinness then for sure I am getting one. This device isn't running OSX and Linux isn't ready for the big time so I guess Im stuck waiting, and no the 13in MBP isn't an option as is it not as sleek, sexy or thin like the mba.
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    The MBA is a performer in the terms of Ultraportables.

    Most ultraportables are using ULV CPUs. They're in the 1.2/1.4 GHz range. So what if they have two or three ports or weigh a pound less. Most have smaller displays and sometimes non full-sized keyboards.

    The whole point of the MBA is it's powerful enough to be a primary Mac. It doesn't have an inferior display and the display is full size. The keyboard isn't cramped. The Nvidia GPU, paired with a full Intel Core 2 Duo CPU at 2.13 GHz, and SSD leads to a faster than normal computer for the average Mac user. At the same time, it looks gorgeous, and the aluminum perfectly dissipates heat too.

    I don't want an ultraportable if it cannot be my primary Mac. If Apple puts an Ultra Low Voltage CPU running at 1.4 GHz in the MBA, uses Intel integrated graphics, and reduces its weight with carbon fiber, the MBA will be useless to me. I don't want to sacrifice power. I don't want a secondary Mac. I don't want to lose performance and beauty and size. I want to carry around something the size of a few magazines that also performs like a full blown Mac.

    That is what the MBA is, a PRIMARY MAC CAPABLE ULTRAPORTABLE! I will be done with it the day Apple sacrifices power to reduce weight, because that will reduce the end user experience.

    The MBA is not so much an ultraportable as it is an executive/business class Mac. It is the envy of executives, consultants, salespeople, businespeople, grad students, lawyers, and etc... because it's fully capable of being their sole Mac. It drives up to a 30" ACD while at their desk... a true ultraportable runs Windows and only works as a secondary advanced netbook. The MBA is a super lightweight notebook that wins over the ultraportable market too.
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    If you are reffering to this Z, it is running the same cpu as the MBP the intel P line.

    Also google show up a an LG that is sold in the parts of UK, Aus and parts of Asia that is 13in and has the nvidia 9600 GT gpu, paird with a P or T cpu, and similar design as the Air. That be cool if the MBA air had that gpu.

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