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MBA owners using it as primary machine, do you use an external monitor?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Eggtastic, Jul 24, 2011.

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    title says it all. this will be my primary machine. i went from a 15 mbp so i never needed an external. but now going to this 11", i might decide to make it sort of a desktop set up with an external, apple keyboard/trackpad, and speakers.

    its quite an investment but it will be my only machine, i dont own an ipad, and the other desktop in my house is my dads.

    so if you use an external, what kind do you use?
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    I have a fine dell monitor, hanging in the room.
    There are these periods when i use 'm.
    Mostly when i have to write a lot for school or feel like making a website or something.
    But most of the time, to be honest, i'll just like to sit in the livingroom. Also the couch is just an heavenly place.
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    I run a 27" Cinema Display with my 2010 MacBook Air 11 and it rocks. I'm planning to upgrade to the 13" 2011 model so I'll have a little more screen real estate on-the-go, but in any case, I love my Apple display.
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    Do you see any performance issues when running the external display? Eg do animations in Lion appear more stuttery etc? What about when running more taxing apps like iPhoto?
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    The HD 3000 can handle it no problem.
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    I've just bought a 13" MBA, and as well as using it solo, I've hooked it up via HDMI to a 40" Sony Bravia in closed clamshell mode. Works a treat in 1080p.

    The wireless keyboard and trackpad are a useful investment, I like having the trackpad to one side as opposed to the middle.
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    An external is a must for me now. It's also the deciding factor on why I got an 11"
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    On another thread someone said the performance would degrade slightly on the 27" display. Do you have this setup?

    Would love to hear more comments from people with this setup.
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    Lord Appleseed

    I am using my MBA as main machine, but for power activities i have an iMac, so no external monitor needed.
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    My 2010 13" Ultimate Air is my primary machine and spends the majority of its time hooked to a 24" Cinema Display. Love the combination.

    Never noticed any video lag with that under Snow Leopard or Lion.

    From how the new Airs are benchmarking with games, I'm not worried that the 2011 13" Ultimate Air I just ordered will have any problems w/ the external monitor.
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    Another 2010 MBA "Ultimate" user hooked up to an Apple 27" Cinema Display. Spends the majority in clamshell mode connected to the ACD. Never had any problems with poor performance and I'm sure the 2011 13" i7 I've ordered will be even better. :D
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    Mine was with the 13" uMBP. There is very little difference in terms of video performance between the two.
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    i have an imac but dont use it i just grab my 11" mba and use it for everything it tells you in a way to pick me up so i do lol :D
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    If your Macs are talking to you, you may want to start seeing a shrink!! ;)
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    I want too, but just haven't. I don't know which monitor to go with. The thunder bolt display is nice! But I'm not paying that price! I wish they made a smaller version, 21.5" would be nice.
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    Nope. My 2010 13 inch is my main machine and I have no need for an external monitor. I love being free of desks.
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    i mean its that nice and small u just want to pick it up and take it
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    I use my 2011 13" MBA, mostly in clamshell mode, connected to a 27" ACD. The combo works great. No issues.
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    I use an external monitor, Samsung 24", as well as the Air's screen.

    No problems up to now.

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