MBA potentially dangerous?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by patpending, Feb 5, 2008.

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    Scarlet Fever

    i love this
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    actually gangs drop the dell off roofs to hit people on their heads!
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    It's probably all they're worth using for. :rolleyes:
  5. jvh
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    behave :p
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    Maybe Darth Vader could put a MBA to dangerous use if he used it like a tray in the Death Star canteen... at least, Eddie Izzard thinks so:

    I think you could probably kill someone with an MBA if you used it to hack at their neck with the thin bit. ;)
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    When MBAs are outlawed, only outlaws will have MBAs... ;)

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    Hate to break this to you/everyone but almost anything can be used as a weapon if that is the intention. I always thought it was funny that we have warnings like 'do not use while in shower' on electrical appliances. I think there are more injuries cased by baseball bats than knives. I'm sure phones have clobbered many an unsupecting passerby. Cars, bikes, golf shoes. Pencil, pens, rulers and paper (paper cuts are wicked).

    ;) I'm in a mood for murder, where is that dental floss?

    Side note: If true, it's a sad story and I feel for the family of the young man.
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    Um, you guys realize it's just a joke?

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