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MBA rev B & C not 64-bit capable?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by nph, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. nph
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    I just read the seed notes for Snow leopard latest build and when reading what I can test 64 bit apps with seems pretty much any mac in -08 and -09 except (!) MBA and minis.

    Any idea why?
    I thought at least the MBA rev B would be 64-bit capable...?
    My apologizies if this has been discussed but if so I have missed it.
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    You can run 64-bit applications. You just can't run the 64-bit kernel. Big difference here.
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    We should see a revision to the MBA and Mac Mini to address this.

    This is why I am holding off buying a MBA Rev C though the risk is that Apple does away with the Nvidia graphics processor in favor of an integrated one (again)...
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    Wait don't buy now .
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    I rather give up 64-bit for a nVidia graphics card vs an integrated one. The Intel integrated one would be several times slower then the current 9400M.
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    With only 2GB's of RAM a 64-bit OS wouldn't matter much anyway.
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    Actually, from all I have read, the original MBA is not fully capable to take advantage of the 64-bit kernel. The rev B/C with 9400m are fully capable with all features of Snow Leopard to boot. The factor that I saw is that it will not install by default and will have to be forced to boot into 64-boot. The originals cannot run it because of the Intel graphics, but the new ones have all the features available as 9400m does OpenCL, and takes advantage of all new technologies in Snow Leopard.

    I even read an entire article from someone who said they were using the 64-bit kernel on their rev C MBA. It all seemed legit to me... I think the information that is getting everyone concerned is that only xServe version auto selects 64-bit kernel. I think we will all have it figured out a few weeks after Snow Leopard is released. I have already read some random fury from posters here stating Apple is full of BS and nothing will really be running in 64-bit if the kernel doesn't. I actually think that is incorrect also, as the apps are fully taking advantage of CPU/Memory too even when kernel is running 32-bit. That means the OS can take advantage of all the extra RAM capacity too...

    We will see, but I think your thread implies something that's not true and just speculation of negativity based on some quick to accuse.

    I hope for all of us the absolute best works out for us whether the kernel is 32 or 64-bit. If 32-bit, there's absolutely a reason for it, we will just have to discover why and what we can do, and if whatever we do just confirms our ability to run 64-bit whether we need to or not.
  8. nph
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    Hi Scottsdale

    Well, the info I saw was the seed note that accompanies the beta os SL and it didn't list the MBA any rev nor the Mini as being 64 bit compliant that can run the new kernel.
    Only MBP, imac and MAc Pro were listed as compatible and they all needed to be -08. Given that rev B came out with a revised logic board in late -08 I would have expected at least Rev B/C to be 64 bit compliant.
    I dont think the inside architecture was redone for REv C only minor speed adjustments so it is either Rev B and C being compliant or no-compliant.

    So what does this do if I want to run Windows 7, should I pick 32 or 64 bit?
    I hear from friends at work the 64 bit is faster but will the Air be able to utilize it?

    Still a little confused as to what I will get from 64 bit besides being able to address more memory (which I dont have since it is 2 Gig on the MBA).
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    32-bit is like a 32 lane highway.

    64-bit is like a 64 lane highway.

    More data can flow on a highway with 2x the number of lanes. Data includes memory like RAM. There's less traffic and cars (threads, apps) can move faster. I think Intel intentionally crippled the MBA chips due to the power constraint, no matter what Rev you have. Currently, Leopard still trumps XP, Vista and Windows 7. There's already enough power at hand.
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    Our chips are not crippled. Our chips handle 64-bit with no problem, even has virtualization instructions built-in. They might've crippled the firmware, but not the chips.
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    64-bit Windows 7 runs perfectly fine on the MBA rev C 2.13 GHz/SSD model.

    I cannot believe there is a problem running Snow Leopard kernel in 64-bit mode. I think all these "concerns" will be completely answered within a few weeks - certainly within a few days from final release of Snow Leopard. I think a lot of people are jumping to conclusions by what they haven't seen rather than Apple stating emphatically that Snow Leopard will not run 64-bit on anything except xServe.

    There will obviously be problems with Core Duo Intel Macs, but I don't see any reason 64-bit kernel wouldn't run if the CPU is capable??? But again, I am not an expert, and I would prefer to wait and see the results from the final release. So far, it's all speculation!
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    Scottsdale, would you mind posting a link to that article. I think it would be interesting to read. I did do a google search, but it mostly brought up links to the MR forums (this one specifically).

    Thanks in advance.
  13. nph
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    Install Windows 7 using remote disk?

    Is it possible to install windows in bootcamp using remote disk or do I need the superdrive?

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    Superdrive. or you can use a USB flash drive
  15. nph
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    Oh, so a Flash drive will work? Great!

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