MBA rev B: Loving it!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by arnaudsj, Dec 3, 2008.

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    Thought some my enjoy reading my (positive) experience of going from a MBP 2.33/3GB/160GB(7.2Krpm) to a MBA 1.8Ghz, 128GB SSD, 2GB.


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    not a bad review. I liked it. :) I would agree with you on the snappiness, and speed. I've used it and it's fast.

    how's the screen quality by the way?
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    Thank you for the kudos.

    The screen quality is excellent. Somehow the glossiness is not as pronounced as on the unibody MB and MBP which is a HUGE plus! My wife is a photographer uses a 1 year old white MB right now and told me the screen looked definitely better, so I'll that as a compliment. Compared to my 17" MBP 2.33, it is like night and day it terms of brightness and clarity.

    As for the speed, I will try to post some benchmarks soon that compared the two machines so that the skeptics get their pretty charts and numbers ;)
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    I really enjoyed your review... it was very good and on the positive note! :D

    +1 for kudos to you! ;)

    I can't wait to receive my Rev. B, except I got the lowest spec, 1.6 120GB HDD, but that's ok! I'll get my enjoyment!
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    good review, it's nice to see some one talk about the good and the bad. instead of just one in particular. based on your review it seems like you got what you wanted, so congrats on the new purchase!
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    Just got mine too. So nice. Really snappy, compact, easy to carry around. I upgraded from a PB 1.67Ghz so the difference is, um, *noticeable*.

    It is even faster than my Quad 3.0GHz MP, which has me thinking about hard drive upgrades!

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