MBA + Shift CMD 4 + Drag Jpeg to Email?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ET iPhone Home, Apr 1, 2012.

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    ET iPhone Home

    I have a MBA. I'm new to Apple. When I do a screenshot, which is saved onto the Desktop and then click and drag the Jpeg (screenshot) image to my "Composed NEW Email", it doesn't show the image, but instead shows the link to the images.

    Can anyone help in explaining how I go about dragging "ANY" image from my MBA without it showing as a link. The happens in My Photos as well. But oddly enough, when I click and drag an image directly from any site, it will display the image into my New Composed Email. Very strange.


    I don't have my email account set up directly with the MBA. I prefer to go online and sign-in instead if this helps resolve any troubleshooting.
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    So you use a service like gmail instead of Mail?
    I just dragged a screenshot I just took into my Mail account and it worked.
    I also just did it with gmail and that worked too, showed the whole image and not the link.
    What service are you using?
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    ET iPhone Home

    I am using my main account which is AOL. I don't have it linked or set-up through my MBA. So, I usually have a tab open and have AOL open.

    I appreciate your reply. I never tried this on any other email acct., besides AOL, until you mentioned it works with your Gmail. I assumed it would happen to any email acct. I do have a Gmail Acct., and yes, I can drag, and the images do appear. However, since AOL is my main account for All my Contacts, do you know how to fix this? I can't figure where in settings or preferences I need to change for the images to appear? I guess this must just happen to AOL.
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    I think if you set up your AOL mail through the mac's Mail application you should be able to do what you are trying to do, but since you're dragging it to the browsers tab its only giving you a link.

    Setup your mail app and you should be good to go. I'd also look into getting a email which is free and works nicely with all your apple products (if you have any others)
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    ET iPhone Home

    Thanks, I guess I should just set it up through the MAC Mail App, but when I drag any jpeg file to Gmail, into a browser tab, it works fine, just not with AOL. Can't future why.

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