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MBA speaker quality?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by stark4, Oct 2, 2011.

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    How do you guys like your MBA speaker quality. I came from 15" MBP and i just noticed that the 13" MBA speakers are not as good as 15" MBP. i think that's the only down side so far.. but i still love the potibility of MBA.
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    They aren't as good as the ones on the Pro, but it is an improvement from the pre-2010 MacBook Airs. The laws of physics get in the way.
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    I like my MBP speaker quality much better with Boom.
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    i just check out Boom .. does it distort sound in anyway?

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    No, not even at full volume.
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    +1 on Boom. It's a must-have IMO for MBA. Improves sound and volume. It's in the Mac App Store.
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    Just be careful. You don't want your speakers to go "boom", if you know what i mean.

    There is a reason Apple tops out the dB level of the sound output where they do - to prevent damage.
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    There is no danger of damage to your speakers. Boom doesn't raise the volume that far.
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    I also recommend Boom. It definitely is an improvement and to me a must-have for any Air owner.

    My only gripe is amount of CPU it uses for what would seem to be a non-CPU-intensive function. It's not noticeable really on my 2011 Air but I would kill Boom's processes on my 2010 Air unless I needed extra sound for something (Netflix, etc.).

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    I just took a quick listen to a recent film (MBA13) and actually found it painful as I raised the system and then VLC volume. It sounds louder in my opinion than my 2009 MBP17.

    Or maybe I'm subconsciously trying to avoid higher volumes on this because it sucks? I do think higher volumes sound harsher on the Air though.

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    In general, smaller speakers with smaller sound outlets will sound worse, especially for any sounds with bass content. The MBA seems to have smaller speakers and sound outlets than the MBP.

    If you want decent sound, as opposed to beeps and maybe occasional voice messages, plug in some external amplified speakers or some decent quality earphones/earbuds. Music out of such tiny speakers just isn't worth it.
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    because of you guys recommendation i looked up Boom on App Store and i thought it was free but..no it's $9 wow.
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    The Macbook Air speakers are adequate. I use headphones if I want good sound quality. I think they're pretty damn good for notebook speakers (and a super thin notebook at that!).
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    For A Small Device

    They are adequate. I stream to my DTS so anything that small is always a compromise.....there just isn't a lot of space for them under the keyboard.
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    They're adequate for what the MBA is: an ultra portable device, not a home entertainment system. So, with that in mind, they're pretty good in my opinion.
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    you guys are right... i just realized that the speakers are under the keyboard and it must be really small.. and the sound quality is not that bad from that small speakers.. i think i can live with it...
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    Bye Bye Baby

    I am amazed at the quality of the Air's speaker. I am not comparing it to the macbook pro.

    I am also not comparing it to my new surround system.

    For what it is, i am impressed.
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    I think the Air has really good speakers for its form/size! They seem much better than my MBP 13" 2009 aswell which is a bonus!
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    I second this. My last notebook was an IBM x60, before that I had a 12" Powerbook. The Air smokes both of them in speaker quality.

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