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MBA Storage

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Blackspeare, Apr 20, 2013.

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    I'm using a 64 GB MBA and recently purchased Daisy Disk from the Apple Store to free space on the SSD. I've noticed that while Daisy Disk will show all folders and files it will only delete my own files----items that are within the system it will not delete. I know there are some folders and files that shouldn't be touched, but there is a folder containing close to 5 GBs of small "keychain" files, which I can't seem to delete. Do I really need these files? I observed on the Daisy Disk video that if you buy from DD directly you can enter yourself as the administrator, but you don't have that option with the Apple Store version----is this a factor? Thanks for your help once again.
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    Be very very careful about deleting system files.

    Consider replacing your SSD with a larger one if you are short on space already. If you are short now, what will it look like in another year or two?
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    OWC makes SSDs for MBAs if you need a larger one.
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    Just consider, when buying an OWC ssd drive, that battery life will decrease compared to what you do with an Apple SSD. I bought a 240GB drive (very happy with it), and noticed after a bit of use that battery life went from 5u30 to 3u30.
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