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MBA SuperDrive vs. Other DVD Drives

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Mello1me, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    Just got a MBA 11 and looking to purchase the MBA SuperDrive. The SD looks like it can only be used with the MBA and it is pricy, so are there any other alternatives?

    SuperDrive Can be seen here:



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    I have the Apple Super drive and I'm very happy with it. I try to stick with Apple accesories if I can to avoid conflicts, etc. ;)
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    It'll only work with MBA and mac mini server. $80 isn't too bad for what it is, although I do wish they'd let it work as a USB drive for other systems. That is the issue that stopped me from buying one.
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    Did you buy a different one? If so what one?
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    Seriously...WTF is wrong with apple not to let any other computer use that drive. I was considering one of the newer superdrives to replace a slighty bigger drive without a built in cord because I use it on pcs and macs. Guess not anymore.
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    LaCie Lightscribe portable.
    was A$110 (then around US$80)
    tray load, black, fast, can be used with any computer

    LaCie - Mobile DVD±RW
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    Apple Super Multi Drive

    I bought an LG GP08NU6B for my MBA and it works great for about $50
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    Does anyone know why it is not compatible with other computers? From other's research, we know that it has nothing to do with power requirements. The previous version had a custom IDE board that prevented it from working with other computers, but the newer Superdrive, which I have, does not have the custome IDE board at all (I know because I opened it up).

    Is it a software prevention or hardware prevention? How can the Mac Mini and MBA usb ports be different than an iMac or MBP usb ports? Then again, how could apple implement a custom kext for Mac Minis and MBAs that would allow the superdrive to work, but also not include that same kext or extension on other computers?
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    So does your newer superdrive work with other computers?
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    I love my Apple Superdrive. It matches, no power cord, and works flawlessly. Purchased it off eBay for $40.
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    Ebay is a good place to pick one up. I was thinking about selling my brand new one I got with my mba but the resale value sucks and it is just better to keep it around.

    It would have a LOT better resale value if it actually worked with other computers including MACS.
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    It does work with Mac Minis, as it is also intended as the SuperDrive for the Mac Mini Server. I suspect it will also work with future MacBook/Pro models if they are redesigned without optical drives.
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    thanks ill check it out
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    The Samurai

    OP, this video will be useful.

    p.s. I use my Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive ;)
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    if money were no object I'd buy the new sony optiarc 500U drive bluray re-writer, for whenever Apple decides to incorporate bluray in the OS.:rolleyes:
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    Thanks for the video. Ill have to try that before I commit to a drive.
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    won't happen - especially after Steve's latest blu-ray remarks
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    I just bought a MacBook Air Superdrive today. It works with an early 2009 Mac mini and a late 2009 Mac mini but only if connected directly, not through a hub. The drive does not work at all with a mid-2009 13" MacBook Pro.

    I had considered the new Samsung PC SE-S084F but decided against it because it takes two USB ports. It's a lot cheaper though.

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