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    Hey guys I have the incredibly tough decision on a new computer or laptop, my mum gave me £1500/$2200ish to spend on a new pc and I could do with some advice:

    I have had to chose between pc or mac firstly, and if they release a new one soon I would like a mac.

    the second and even harder decision was do I get the iMac 3.1ghz 27",MBA 1.8 13"or the MBP 15" 2.2(I think)

    The third decision I had to make was do I wait for a new gen of laptops to come out or do I get one now?

    I love the looks and the portability of the MBA but the size and power of the MBP is incredible even though it's over my budget. The iMac is also very fast and HUGE but I don't know how much I would like a desktop, my favourite is the MBA at the moment .

    All I am asking, even if I worded it like a 9yr old dyslexic child, is can you please give me some feedback. Like what I should get with my money, what model I should get, do I wait for the new gen and when will they be released, pros and cons of the computers in comparison etc....

    Thanks very much, sorry I can't write an threat AT ALL,
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    Are your computational needs a factor in your purchase?
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    Since you probably don't do anything more than check facebook, listen to music, and upload pictures from your camera, the MBA will be fine for you.
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    I want to use minecraft, music, and hopefully learn to code that is all
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    If you're alright with having a static machine, the MBA is (hands down) the best choice. If you'd like to be able to upgrade your memory and/or harddrive, spring for the MBP. Pretty simple really.
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    The Samurai

    This video may be of use: (i think you'll be fine with a MBA, but in any case I would wait if I was in your situation for the upcoming refresh of the MBPs and then make my decision... and if you dont like the new MBP's, you could pick up a good deal on eBay / refurb section for people selling their Airs for the new Pros)

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    If you want to learn to code, the MBA is out IMHO.

    You need more screen real estate - a hires 15" (or even better, 17") MBP or 27" imac would be my choice, depending on whether or not you need portability.

    Xcode/interface builder uses a lot of screen space, and if you want documentation open as well you will probably want a second monitor :D
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    If you can afford the 2.2GHz MacBook Pro that'd be my pick. My reasoning being that it has a perfect mix of upgradability (relative to the other two Macs you've listed), build quality, and muscle. Both the iMac and the MacBook Air aren't meant to be serviced or upgraded. The MacBook Pro on the other hand can very easily have its RAM upgraded AND its hard drive replaced/upgraded, which means it will last you a lot longer as those tend to be the first two things that cause people to want to upgrade the entire machine.

    If it's not an option, then your debate becomes one of how much muscle do you need. If you are going to be doing lots of gaming and don't need mobility, get an iMac or a high-end Mac mini. If neither of those matter to you and/or you really only care about mobility, get a 13" Air. Personally, I hate both the MacBook Air and the iMac as far as Macs go. I'll recommend a high-end mini before I recommend either of those, but I'd recommend a 15" or a 17" MacBook Pro before I recommended any other Mac, period.
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    I was in the same situation you are 4 months ago.

    I was tossing up between the Pro and the Air. Ended up going with the Air as its super fast, light and has a high res screen when compared to the Pro. Space wasn't an issue for me as I have an external hard drive.

    Now that I have an Air, I wouldn't even think twice about getting a Pro!
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    I agree, an MBP 15" would suit the OP better here. The MBA is great, but limited SSD'S and screen size prevent me from using it too much for work.

    The MBP always comes to the studio with me.
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    I have 2011 MBA 13 and 2011 MBP 15. I love them both but the MBP is way more versatile.
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    MBP 15" seems like the best choice for you with your coding needs.
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    Versatile as in? What do you use the MPB for that the MBA cannot do?
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    Well, it has a discrete GPU for a start. It has a gigabit ethernet port. It has the ability to expand memory up to and possibly past 16gb. You can fit more than 512gb of storage.

    The MBA is good for what it is, but there is plenty it is unsuitable for.
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    That makes sense. I'm just trying to figure out if my Macbook Air 13" i5/256GB/4GB will good enough for my needs or if I should switch back to a Macbook Pro hi-res anti-glare. It's my main machine (and really only machine other than an old windows box used as a media server).

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    Is the air working for you? If not, make the switch. I went from 15" pro to 13" air and just can't see going back - unless they make the new pros more air-like. I don't want/need optical drive and don't want old-school hdd either. But a little more screen size would help when working on multiple spreadsheets - which is a daily occurrence for me.
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    Spend $1400 on the mid grade MBA and pocket the rest!
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    That makes sense. I guess since I bought a 27" ACD and an iPad (3rd Gen) it makes more sense to have a Macbook Pro instead of the Air since the iPad will likely replace al ot of what I used my air for. The pro would be nice to have the horesepower for graphics editing, design, video editing etc.
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    The MBA handles pretty much anything I throw at it, but gets scalding hot on games or heavy video. My MBP does all that my MBA does but also games and plays video without burning up.

    Also the MBP is upgradable, making it easier to tailor for bigger tasks.
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    Get a refurb and pocket more money!!!
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    another good suggestion! Since there are refurbs of 2011 models available now!
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    **** 1.5k views!!! I'm only a noob but still that's ****ing awesome.
    , thanks for all the replys
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    MBP + SSD > MBA

    By a long shot

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