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MBA13 froze for no reason

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Griffith9, Nov 25, 2011.

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    MBA13 (i5) is my very first mac. I initially got MBA11 and after serious debating, I exchanged it for MBA13. Anyway I'm very, very new to Mac & OS.

    I opened up 'Appstore' and and I pressed Ctl & Cmd & F to maximize the window. (I now know I can't)

    And after 2 seconds, everything just froze....... wouldn't respond to trackpad or keyboard which is just mighty strange..

    It only responded to shutdown key (and brought up shutdown menu) once but I couldn't even shut it down properly.
    Had to do a force-shutdown.

    This only happened a couple times, hasn't since, but I'm still mostly using my old PC.(will be gone soon) So I don't know.

    I'm just completely dumbfounded, MBA13 is absolutely brand spanking new, fully charged and this happens. Weird.

    and secondly the wi-fi internet is just painfully.. agonizingly slow.(which prob has more to do with wi-fi provider) The internet (connected via USB) on my PC (from 2008) is so much faster for some reason.

    I mean, it's not anything major but I invested $2000 into this machine and I expect this thing to really work.

    I've already done two exchanges (one for 11->13 and another for faulty screen) and I don't want to do any more exchanges.

    Could you guy please give me some advice / explain why?

    Thank you for reading~ : )
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    $2000? You got ripped off. :rolleyes:
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    Maybe he's a homeless veteran?
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    Or maybe he bought a whole bunch of full price accessories and applecare.... Oh and paid tax...

    Its easy to approach $2000 if you bought the high end model at the apple store.
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    @TheJing, yeah, $2000 price tag includes SSD upgrade, Applecare and 1on1 membership..

    But any takers on the freezing incident I had?

    Do you think it was just one bad luck?
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    I have had an issue with my 2011 13" MBA where the keyboard and trackpad stopped responding, with the exception of the power button. It sounds like the same issue you are having, I believe it is a fault with OS X rather than the hardware, because the keyboard and trackpad work flawlessly in Bootcamp without issue.
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    Not Again

    Another one? Enough already!

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