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MBAir Rev B plus External Blu-Ray drive?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by AIRniloc, Dec 29, 2008.

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    looks beautiful!

    i'd wait though for prices to come down and better native mac support
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    Tallest Skil

    And you're planning to do what with this, exactly? You can't burn data without Toast and you can't watch movies at all.
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    I thought you could watch them with VLC. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    there currently is no HDCP support in OS X, so you can't play any commercial Blu Ray discs in VLC on the OS X side. i theory i think you could use AnyDVD on the PC side (boot camp/ fusion/ etc) and play the m2ts file that way, but i haven't done this so I can't confirm.

    i think this thread has more info:
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    Whatever you do, please don't go Fusion/Parallels with AnyDVD and watch Blu-Ray. It will stutter and freeze. Go Boot Camp with Windows.
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    i have toast, i plan on ripping blu-ray movies and converting them to .mp4s with h.264 encoding...and yeah, they play in VLC just fine..

    also, backing up the entire contents of my MBAir on 2 or 3 discs ( as well as my external HDs ) is pretty appealing..
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    The drive is amazing looking. I think I'll stick to the superdrive though until OSX supports BR better.
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    Looks sweet, but I'm waiting to see what MWSF '09 might have to offer...
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    Other than expensive backups (since blank Bluray discs still cost a fortune) what's the point of the drive exactly?

    Watching bluray movies on a 13 inch screen that doesnt even have the resolution to display all the 1080p pixels seems a waste of resources.
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    airnloc, could you expound on this process for noobs (like me)? i just got a blu-ray drive for xmas (half the price of the amex, one tenth as beautiful) and would be willing to invest in toast if that means being able to rip high def media. i am guessing one might copy to the ssd with toast, encode with handbrake, and then play with quicktime or vlc?

    as for the air lacking the full 1080 pixel array, will it not display on an external monitor, or would these new DRM issues with mini displayports prevent this?
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    That's interesting that VLC was recently required on a DVD that I ripped with HandBrake. First time I've noticed my MBA requiring VLC for a DVD...:eek:
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    you are correct on all accounts ( as far as the process goes )..be sure to get toast titanium 9+, as i'm unsure if 7 or 8 have the Blu-Ray ripping option..

    haven't tried watching them with an external display yet, but will give it a try...

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