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mbox question

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by atacinus, Feb 13, 2006.

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    I know this is going to be a question that should be obvious...but digital audio is not my first field. I am looking for a device that will let me hook up two XLR microphones and record into my powerbook. The catch is that I want the sound from each microphone recorded on its own seperate track. Is that possible with the mbox? If not, what other products [in the same price range do this]...and also, has anyone ever used the Tascam US-122 - it looks to be about the same thing as the Mbox [with different software]...but if anyone knows if this supports the kind of multitrack recording I need, i.d love to save the money.

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    Yes you can record up to 2 tracks simulaneously with the MBox. They will be recorded on 2 separate tracks so you can mix them independently of each other. Pro Tools LE is a great piece of software and you can do a lot with it, including taking your mix to another Pro Tools equipped studio and have it mixed/mastered there.
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    the mbox can record 4 signals simultaneously, using the two analog ins (either mic or line level) and the two digital ins via s/pdif.
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    I thought in the I/O Setup you had to choose either/or between analog or digital inputs. You can set it to do both at the same time?
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    from this digi page, under Features:
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    Ah ok, I have the first MBox, so thats why. ;)
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    ah, right. i should have been more specific; i assume it's the mbox 2 the OP would acquire.

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