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MBP Pics

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by aaron.lee2006, Jul 11, 2006.

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    Hi, I was was wondering if you guys would put up pics of just your MBP's I'm buying one this week and love looking at others photos, please post them :) I'll post mine when I get it:D
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    Use the search feature, there are tons of pics already.
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    Okay, I just kinda browsed didn't really search.
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    For the love of us... Please turn thoes into links.
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    For goodness sake... PLEASE use the thumbnail feature, people!
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    WTF @ those 2,592 x 1,944 PIXELs pictures.
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    I'd be delighted to post pictures ;) :p

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    Ahhh it's MBP! South park anyone? Yeah it's old, but I couldn't resist.:p

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    EW EW EW!!!!
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    christ there is just no escaping the BSOD...
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    thats not a BSOD its just a setup screen, THIS is bsod:

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    For all those Fahrenheit loving Americans, 49.2 degrees Celsius is 120.56 degrees Fahrenheit.
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    Thank you! I was to lazy to look it up. :p (waay to hot btw)
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    i know .. it was so disgusting .. funny thing is there was some error trying to instal it , it wouldnt recognize the mbp keyboard . so we just ended up forgetting the whole idea and repartitioned the disk back to normal :rolleyes:
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    MBP brings in the ladies at cofee shops.
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    I would be afraid of bring a MBP into a caffee. Fear of being mugged. Mind you, it could be because i'm 14, so im kind of vounrable. Nice MBP. Makes me wanna order mine now.
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    ***makes note to self to bring MBP to a coffee shop**** ;) :D
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    Electro Funk

    my macbook processor is running @ 136F right now and the bottom is not that hot.... :confused:

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    Thanks, I'm more scared of people stepping on my backpack in college with my mbp inside. :eek:
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    Same here. :eek: :)
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    lol I droppd this thread because I thought no one would reply. Thanks guys, I'm ordering tomorrow:)
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    Glad to hear it- you will love your MacBook Pro when it arrives aaron.lee2006. :)
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    yah, I was like dad we gotta order it today, and he said no then all of a sudden he said fine. Just to clarify, i am paying for it! (15 at end of july) So thanks for the support can't wait to get it. It's a refurb but w/e I'll still love it.

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