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MBP powers off instantly, randomly.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Winstonp, Mar 21, 2006.

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    I keep my MBP closed all the time, in it's case. (I use it as a desktop). Sometimes, after running for a long time, it will shut off. I mean instant off, like*snap* off (without a noise).

    Could this be because I use it with my 24'', maybe some monitor out issues?

    Do you think it's overheating (it gets ***** hot!)?

    Has anyone else seen this, maybe with a powerbook?
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    I'm going to recommend you go ahead and take it out of the case. I'd say there is a 99% chance of your problem being caused by overheating.
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    It just did it again!

    I noticed, it only happens when I am spinning an optical disc!

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    This is so odd, yet so crazy!
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    You keep your Macbook in its case at all times? That is not good. Your computer needs air. It's probably shutting off to avoid overheating.
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    get an icurve or something equivalent to raise it above the ground and increase air flow. you should NOT keep it in it's case at all times. As said before, it needs air.

    Good luck!
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    what kind of case?

    macs are designed to work when all the vents are uncovered and the metal case is exposed to air. dont suffocate it.
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    FYI: The MacBook Pro does NOT have any vents on the sides, front or bottom of the case. The only vents are at the base of the screen where the hinge and AE antenna are.

    I also think your MBP is overheating. As someone already suggested, I think the icurve would do wonders for it.
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    What RAM did you install? If it's "value RAM" than there you have the answer.
    If not check the installation of the RAM sticks.
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    i got ram from a 3rd party, but they're legit...

    Data systems was the manf.

    I think it's without question a heat thing. Do you think its programed to just off at a certain temp, or is it a reaction due to innability to function further at that temperature?
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    Max on Macs

    I\ve had my MacBook Pro just over two weeks now, and I've only shut it down once. Yes it gets very, very hot and I keep it in its case when not using it and don't have this issue. I also connect it to a 23" ACD sometimes, so I don't think it's a monitor problem. Talk to your local Apple store.
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    It's still possible that you got a stick of bad RAM.

    There are thermal sensors that will shutdown the system if the sensor records a temperature above a certain preset value. Running your powerbook when it is inside a case and not getting enough ventilation and/or where the case is insulating the MBP preventing heat from escaping the computer is a sure way of 1) significantly shortening the life of your MBP, and 2) causing automatic shutdown due to the thermal cutoff.
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    hmmm...just might.

    I'm going to have to do some testing. (swapping apple ram,heating up etc..)

    I'll let you guys know.
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    Actually, I don't think you're crazy - I have a similar problem, except I run mine open and use it as a regular old laptop. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it, but the MBP does seem to run exceptionally hot - much moreso than my old PB15. Sometimes I am on wall power, other times battery. Just all of a sudden, phhhhhewwww - powers down. I power back up and everything seems to be fine - and nothing in the logs that I can find that indicate what might have happened.

    It was an annoyance for a bit - happened maybe once every three days, but it happened three more times today in short order, including once where I lost about two hours of work.

    I finally gave in and called Apple support, and they said they hadn't heard of such a thing but definitely bring it in to the local Apple store. We'll be doing that tomorrow.

    it's an out of the box hardware configuration by the way - 2.0 Gig, 1GB memory, 100 GB Hard drive.
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    It's a RAM issue.
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    yah, try taking it out of the case first. If it still does it, try removing the new ram.
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    My first question is whether the MBP is shutting down in an organized fashion (from it's own point of view) or not.

    I have a TiBook with a short circuit problem, so it pretty much stays put and does fine. When that power gets cut, I can tell that it wasn't a good shut down because of the whining sound that the HD makes as it spins down -- a momentary whizzing noise that falls in pitch and then quickly stops.

    If you don't have any bizarre things like this that suggest a real power problem, then it could certainly be heat.
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    It's not an orderly shutdown, it's just like pulling the plug on something without the battery, peeeeeeeuuuuuuuw...

    But to update, when we took it to the Apple store this morning the resident Genius took it to theback, then came out in about two minutes with a new one and asked if we minded if they just swapped it out with a new one. I had a fill backup of everything so 'no problem' was the response.

    So this afternoon I'm going to re-transer everything from my PB12 and hopefully the issue won't recur. I may never know the root cause, but on the other hand, I'm not sure I care too much if the new one just works.
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    1. Sounds sorta like mine. I have found in my testing, it only powers down when the lid of the case is incasing the laptop. If I leave the case lid open, exposing the powerbook, it does not "pass out".

    2. I have not tested Memory, but I really don't think memory is the issue.

    3. Yes, the computer just shuts the f- off. It does nothing softwarewise, just down and dirty stops being on.
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    I may take it to the applestore, but I really don't think that I will be able to reproduce my symptoms unless I put it in a case for an hour, closed.....

    Anyone brave enough to test if their machine turns of randomly if in a case somewhat, when used as a desktop with an external LCD?
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    Very Similar Situation

    My 2.0ghz MacBook Pro has been shutting off around 3-4 times a day for no apparent reason. Sudden shut down as if I removed the battery. I have tried different motions and tapping on the machine to get this to reproduce but it seems to be random. This occurs on both battery and cable power. I took it to the mac store and they said there's nothing they can do without seeing it first hand. The genius gave me some BS about how he only has 20 minutes to help me, and of course... the problem did not happen during my appointment. Bastards.... a $2,500 machine that works like crap, and they don't want to take responsibility. This even happens when the machine is cool and only running safari or word. :mad: :confused: :eek: :( :( :eek: :eek: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    Hey!! So here's a fun story for you all... this has been happening to me on and off for a couple months. It never did it when I first got my MBP 1.83... so anyhow, today the thing shut off and I tried to get the thing to restart and it would light up and it would just shut back off. I'd eventually get it to boot after a few times and then it would just shut off. So I took it to the apple store this morning. They replaced the battery. I got home, it did it again so I took it back, they replaced the power supply. Now it continues to do it and apple says they can send it in and get it back in two weeks. I love paying for an overpriced computer that does the same ****...
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    this recently started happening to me also. it shut down immediately 3 times today but only when the battery was less than 15% etc, or so it says. i ran the battery all the way down to calibrate it but that didn't do anything but i think the battery is the problem. my battery looks warped and part of the metal plate that completes the bottom of the laptop is rising off of the battery itself. i also think it's the battery because my computer no longer warns me that im running on a low battery, so i think maybe part of the battery is dead and the computer doesnt realize it. who knows. im taking it to a store tomorrow.
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    I have a Rev A, received on Feb. 22nd MBP and this just started happening to me over the weekend.

    I think the battery chip that monitors stuff probably got fried because it gets so damn hot.

    I spent time on the phone and all they wanted to do was sell me Apple Care.

    I'm taking it in today and it's going to be a sight to see, 'cause I'm going to be screaming at them in the store about it.

    There's about 10 posts on this subject. I'm just cutting and pasting my response to everyone, 'cause I'm so pissed about it.
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    Apple replaced the battery today. I asked if it had anything to do with my Rev A computer getting so hot, and would the new battery fail as well. They said no.

    I'm skeptical, but we shall see.
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    Random shut downs not so random

    I have had my MBP for five months now. At first there were random shut downs. Everything was great then bam..... off. I ordered new RAM from mac sales, replaced my single gig with two matched chips. Nothing's changed. Then on a call with Adobe, they said that there was a lot of problems with the new release of quicktime and CS2 creative suite, specifically with Acrobat. They also suggested it could be Suitcase Fusion. So I archived and installed and this time didn't upgrade my quicktime and everything was fine. Then the new quicktime upgrade came out that claimed to fix the problem so I installed it. Three archive and installations later I'm still having the problem. I tried the linotype font management program (really great, but causes some whacky email issues). Now I can't use anything in CS2 for more than a few minutes without shutting down. I also run very hot, have reset everything that could be reset and have purchased a second battery. I'm also having violent thoughts and eating way too much chocolate to compensate. Perhaps I should buy smaller chocolate bars. I'm going to look online for some kind of device that circulates liquid nitrogen around the perimeter of my MBP to keep it cool. Other than that, the genius bar has been no help and I'm beginning to think that I may need more chocolate. I'm a Mac zealot that's losing his zeal. Any suggestions?

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