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McDonald's Going WiFi!!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Mr. Anderson, Jul 8, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

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    And as an added bonus, you'll be able to keep your fries warm with your 12" PB.
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    So far McDonald's only does this in Manhattan and San Francisco, if I remember correctly. It would be really interesting if they did it nationwide....think of all the travelers, truckers, and tourists who'd rest easy knowing they can eat and email anywhere they go. More reason to buy a laptop....
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    i think that this is where we are headed in the next few years. it's a relatively inexpensive service, and one that is good for business from people who have money. and laptops, of course. is this service going to cost money, like stupid starbucks, or will they make it free or ad-based, like Schlotzky's and Mozart's, a coffee shop here in Austin?
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    i dont think i'll be going ito Mcdonalds to have internet access and eat.
    #1i think there is a big risk of getting food on the computer, and
    #2 i dont like McDonalds.
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    And whats the deal with the last line? 'intel's wireless chip?' That always cracks me up. Intel has the stupidest way of trying to convince people that the chip actually has something to do with the fact that the computer is wireless. WTF?
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    Unless such chain resturants have expanded "dining" rooms, I don't see the point because the whole idea of "fast food" while eating "for here" is to get 'em in and get 'em out...well...fast.

    Refreshing the seating area is important to these places. With provided Internet access, it'll just keep the customer there longer. (however, if there is a charge or fee involved for the connection, that's just another source of revenue to the chain, so my point may be moot.)
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    I believe I read something about this on CNN a while back that said that McDonalds would give you X number of minutes when you bought a combo or a certain amount of food, and you could purchase extra time if needed. You could also go back and buy more food if you wanted more time.

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    yes, i remember reading something like that too. i think that's right.
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    or you could offer to cook the burgers with your 1.4 Ghz 17" :D
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    It's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure it's going to take off the ground at a fast food restaurant like McDonalds. We'll just have to wait and see...
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    It will be interesting to see how many people will use it.

    I sure wouldn't want to eat greasy foods and then use my laptop, though.
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    Am I the only one who's afraid of the "INTELification" of WiFi? They better not start messing with the standard that Apple popularized, or we'll have another "Windows InternetExplorer" only situation.
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    I personally wouldn't be caught dead bringing my TiBook into McDonalds .. all those kids + grease + mess = big trouble. I don't know about other McDs, but the ones in my area are just plain nasty .. I'd rather go to a WiFi enabled Starbucks or something! (especially since Starbucks is a significantly better environment for my taste).

    Although I'm not saying it's not a bad idea .. maybe WiFi will spread like an epidemic when kids realize they can play on Disney.com while greasing up their parents' laptops and eating their McNuggets.;)
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    A future scenario:
    A population of obese americans who can't pry their hands from their computer for 30 minutes or take a break away from Im'ing and emailing to eat a healthy meal. Would we view ourselves as a fast food nation or a wired nation?
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    Maybe Macdonald's is going to set up a special section for the WiFi users, and keep it clean so the laptops won't get messed up.
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    a nation of extremes, perhaps. thanks for the cynical note. i'm sure the RIAA appeals to the maintenance of high-dollar CD album markets by asking, what if we become a nation of people who just sit at our computers and download music, a nation of thieves? we can't possibly think of progress, it will only lead to thievery.
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    The internet in McDonalds umm… I hope they have lots of napkins ;-)
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    how about custom waterproof covers for laptops? ;)
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    and of course they wont be in washington st :rolleyes:

    tight but 250 million people in the US don't live in SF :(

    also at the end of the article it says 'to make sure they work with Intel's wireless chips.

    I would not be surprised if they shut out macs.
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    Yay...now if there was only something I could eat there...
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    Drive through email here I come.... Now I finally will have something to do when waiting forever to get to the pickup window....
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    Mr. Anderson

    I don't think they'd do that - you'll end up seeing the exact same thing you see at B&N and Starbucks.....so anyone in SF?

    Go take a trip to McDonald's, get a few pics if they're advertising the WiFi and upload them on your Mac to the site :D

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    Hmm you mean that the WiFi at StarBucks is not Mac-Compatiable...I thought that WiFi was a standard of somesort. Or does it just mean that the Wireless reouter that they are using won't give the Mac an IP addy? I am a bit confused anyone care to enlighten me. Hmm WiFi at McDonalds could be a cool things, Esp. if your in an Airport, or out of state etc. Similar to most hotels nowanddays
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    Mr. Anderson

    Its most likely going to be a DHCP set up - all you have to do is see the wireless with your airport turned on and you should be able to connect.

    Now if they're going to only allow you a certain amount of time, or make sure you pay for food before you surf, I have no idea how they'll enforce that.


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