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MCE anybody buy from them??? Looking to get an iBook w/SuperDrive

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by bgotori, Feb 26, 2004.

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    Hey All

    I was wondering if anybody out there has done any business with them. I'm looking to buy an iBook with a SuperDrive. I've E-mailed them three times but No Response... So...


    Brad Gotori
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    MCE is great. I've never bought a CPU from them, but I buy all my portable supplies (HD, memory, drives, etc etc) from them. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great service.
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    Re: superdrive?

    MCE sells "upgrades" to swap the combo drive in the iBook with a SuperDrive.
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    I bought a hard drive from them for my pb and it works great. Also the prices are pretty good.
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    Hey solvs

    Thanks for that WebSite!!!

    Well, I send my fourth and FINAL E-mail to them... Funny a WebSite Company that DOESN'T ANSWER SALE's Emails... I'll be out of town for a few days, but will have Web access with my Sharp SL-5000(Linux PDA)at StarBucks. Will see... I'm HOPEING!!!

    The Apple IBook doesn't come with a SuperDrive, MCE does this. There having a SALE on the iBook w/SuperDrive, thats why I'm looking to get this from them.

    Thanks All

    Brad Gotori
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    Doesn't anyone use the phone anymore?

    I've always had good responses calling them directly.
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    I am wondering if iDVD will work on such an iBook ? Any thoughts ?

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    they claim iApps will work...

    but those are darn expensive... figures, but still... for nearly $400, i think i'd rather save up a bit and get a SD eMac... (or a CD-ROM/ComboDrive eMac and install a DVD burner myself... apparently, if you install the same one as the SuperDrive, iApps will recognize it...)
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    iDVD will run on the iBook but putting the SuperDrive in there will void the warranty....

    Good Luck
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    Hey machem

    I don't want to waste my Cell Phone time on this kind of stuff... I'll give them a call when I'm back in town.

    So your saying they Don't Answer E-mails... Kind of ODD... Why would you have WebSite with on-line buying, if people can't contact you through E-mail???


    Brad Gotori
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    Hey jane doe

    I hope it doesn't Void the Warrenty... These guys are supposed to be an approved Apple Dealer...


    Brad Gotori
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    I'm not saying they don't answer emails, just that I've always called them and gotten a quick answer to any questions.
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    Thanks jxyama, appreciate that correction :)

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    Hey machem

    Well I bit the bullet and Called them. Talk to Ben(nice guy very helpful). I 'm looking for a iBook with BlueTooth built-in, but he said all there iBooks only come with Dongle...Sooo I guess I'll have to call back when I get in Town.

    I also found out that the New iBooks that can have BlueTooth built in, Don't have any Motherboard problems, but some of the older one do... Sooo

    Thanks for all the REPLIES!!!

    Brad Gotori

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