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Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by drpellypo, Jul 11, 2008.

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    I had .mac synced with my iPhone via Outlook on a PC. .me has picked this up and synced with it wirelessly (since I've got the 3g iPhone,) however, my recurring appointments are screwed up. I see a customer on a Monday every two weeks. On my iPhone, this recurring appt is correctly showing for next Monday. On the .me webpage, it's shown for this Monday coming. Also, an appt that appears on my iPhone for 1pm-4pm on Wednesday on my iPhone, appears as 10am til 1am the next day on .me website.

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    Your doing better than me. I Have .me syncing with my iphone and mac, but can't get calendar to sync from outlook at all. In fact, outlook sync completely erased my calendar on mobile me and my iMac.
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    Time zone?

    Check your preferences in calendar on me.com. It sounds to me like you have two different time zone settings on your iPhone and me.com

    (the same happened to me)

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