Medical Pronunciations: Drugs, Microbiology and Anatomy Terms

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    Hi Everyone!

    We wanted to share with you guys 2 medical apps we just released to the app store. These apps are supposed to be resources for any medical professional that wants to know how to correctly pronounce medical terms.

    Drug Pronunciations -
    Drug Pronunciations Lite -
    Microbiology Pronunciations -
    Anatomy Pronunciations -

    We also have Anatomy Pronunciations coming out really soon. I hope these are helpful to any medical professionals out there. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

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    Willing to give out codes? I'd leave a review... :D
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    Sorry, didn't realize until now that no codes are permitted in this forum.
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    Used Y4R7W3ATP99Y

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    Used LY339NE3X9LK

    Thank you!
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