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Meet the supergeeks

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 23, 2004.

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    Good article,
    I'd LOVE to work in an Apple store, especially a Genius bar.
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    Apple, give me the chance to meet the geeks in an apple store in Germany, Düsseldorf or Cologne ;) , up to you.
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    In my experience, there are some employees who know their stuff and some who don't. I guess only some actually work as at the Genius Bar.

    I'm not sure, but when I ask for advice from say a random salesperson, almost always they go and get an expert who knows EVERYTHING and even a whole lot more (like history, the business aspects of using the product, variations internationally, etc.). I've been impressed more than I've been disappointed, and although I'm sure many people can come up with one or two stories to the contrary, think about it:

    a track record like this is simply amazing in the computer tech retail world (not even mentioning a general derath of expertise for apple products)-- usually you can expect disappointment, and once in a blue moon you are pleasantly surprised.

    Apple has turned this equation upside down: good advice is the norm, and anything otherwise is the exception. Bravo.

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