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Member Progression/Rankings

Discussion in 'MacRumors Old Skool' started by ~Shard~, Nov 15, 2003.

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    I didn't know exactly where to post this question, so I thought this place would be as good as any. ;)

    I am relatively new to MacRumors (since June) and was just curious how the ranking/progression system works for people on the site. I am now a member, and not a newbie anymore, but I was wondering where I go from here, how many posts I need to get to the "next level", what the next level is, what are the progressions for people posting on these forums, etc. I see all these 60xxx and 65xxx numbers under people's names, and am curious how everything fits together.

    Any insight would be great - just curious, that's all! :)

  2. job
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    taken from the F.A.Q thread. :)
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    Cool, thanks for the breakdown. I was looking through other FAQs but couldn't find that info anywhere, so I appreciate it. :)
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    And 601 Means you post to much...


    Haha just kidding.
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    is anyone here a 601?
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    jelloshotsrule ;)
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    Must be nice to have so much free time - what is that, over 10 posts a day for 2 years? ;)
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    jefhatfield too.
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    jellow...jef...ok... ;)

    I had no clue what the rankings were to be honest.

    I wonder what Mr. A would be? :D
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    I'd think he's approaching a G3 by now, depending on how detailed the 60x series is and what the cutoffs are.
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    so what am I then?
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    I'd say, but the word filter would take it out. :eek: ;)

    Seriously though, probably in the 603-604 range...I dunno.
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    :eek: why I never!


    603 or 604 isn't too bad...almost a G3...
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    Ranking Progressions

    Kay, forgive my ignorance, but why are certain model #s selected for member ranking, and not others? Is it just arbitrary? It's just that there are so many models (5000s, 9000s, etc. etc. ), why were the 65xxxs and 68xxxs chosen? And then the progression to 600s?

    Also, (and once again forgive my ignorance of Apple history!) but how do all these models "fit together", as far as timelines go? I assume they're all PowerMac models, and get increasingly newer as the member progresses?

    Just curious!
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    Sun Baked

    Re: Ranking Progressions

    They're not model numbers, they're CPUs.

    ie, the 6502 is all the way back at the Apple ][, 68000s the first Mac CPU, and the 600s are the beginning of the PPC CPUs.
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    Note: at 500 when your a 6502 you get a tar

    by the way .... nice to see a fellow canuck on the board. :D

    i think there are 5 of us active now... LOL

    We're even more of a minority then women on this board..... LOL
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    Ah, cool, that all makes more sense now. Hmm, how many posts will I need until I'm a 970? ;)

    Yah, I noticed there's not too many of us. Ah well, we're the trend-setters and pioneers up here in Canada then! Nice to meet a fellow Canuck as well!
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    Sun Baked

    If Mr. Anderson isn't a G3 or G4 yet, I don't think you want to know the answer to that question.

    And Mr. Anderson's at 14k+ posts while a couple of the other moderaters posting in this thread are around 10k+ and/or 7.7k+.
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    Fair enough - maybe by 2010 I'll be a 970... Hmm, just in time for the release of the G9s, which will be sphere-shaped, have holographic storage, dynamically-sized, user-defined plasma monitors, and OSX 10.16 (Ocelot) pre-installed! :D

    Geez though, 14k+ posts. No offence at all to Mr. Anderson, but some people have too much time on their hands! ;)
  20. job
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    You have no idea.... ;)
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    Actually, u would be surprised to see just how much he's got going on in his life. He's a busy guy for sure. He just gets downtime while at work, so he posts...quickly. ;)
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    Yeh really.

    Tell arn to remove the Mod abilities and see what he has hit...

    That is waay too high whatever it is.

    If my school unblocked these forums I could get some posting in but arg!

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    Fair enough then! I'm impressed.... :)
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    I just felt the need to post in an 'Old Skool' tread. But it is good to know how the ranking system works, maybe arn can help out about when the G3/4 ranks come in?

    It'' be a while for me though I'm just @ 410
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    if 601 is 5000 posts, my guess is that 7000 or 7500 posts is a 603 and 9000 or 10000 posts is a 604

    perhaps 15000 would be G3, 20000 a G4, and G5 could be at 50,000 or 100,000 because we wouldn't want anybody to go past a G5 since there is nothing on the market yet ;)

    ...but i wonder what the breakdown is past a 601, or if 601 is the farthest that has been determined at 5000 posts?

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