Memory for Power Mac G-5 1.6 GHz

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kilowattradio, Jul 3, 2010.

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    Hi, I just ordered two 512 Mb sticks PC2700 184 PIN DDR SDRAM 333 MHz and when I installed them the G-5 did not even recognize them. Is there a special RAM for this computer or did I just get two bad sticks?
    According to System Profiler I have this type of ram installed:
    Apple PC-2700U-25330

    Yes I did check to make sure they were firmly installed and the clips locked in place, twice.
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    Both MacTracker and Low End Mac say this particular model (late 2004 iMac G5) takes PC3200 (or DDR400) memory, so perhaps the replacement PC2700 sticks you bought aren't timed correctly, or are just plain defective. Machines that support PC3200 or typically backwards compatible with slower sticks of memory, so I'm not sure why the issue, although I can say it's not the first time I've seen this problem.

    Can you get a refund on the sticks you bought? My suggestion would be to go to PC3200 sticks instead, as those are what's called for. As to why your Mac has slower memory than was originally specified, that I have no idea.
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    the g5's are very picky about ram i would go and buy ram from crucial that is guaranteed to work with your g5,
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    I've also had great service from OWC.
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    Agree, mine has been very picky in the past. Everything I have purchased from Crucial has worked flawlessly.
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    PC2700 333mhz memory was the correct memory for the 1.6ghz G5. You didn't buy ECC or high-density did you? PC3200 400mhz will work in your G5 and will automatically downclock to the correct speed.
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    Ok I was able to run down two sticks of 512 Mb at OWC for $40 and they claim that memory will work in a G-5. Thanks for the help
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    It's pretty sick to see the prices of DDR memory now-a-days :eek: Maxing to 4gb is basically the cost of the G5 itself lol. Glad you got it all worked out.

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