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Memory type in upcoming (maybe soon) 970's?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by RGunner, May 7, 2003.

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    Hello folks, looking for some words of wisdom here.... any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Currently I have a Dual 1.25 with a standard 256 Apple DDR stick (2700 DDR). What I would like to do is upgrade to at least 1gb of memory.

    Now here is the catch, any idea what memory the upcoming (or at least mythical) 970's might take? I have read the 970 may have a 400 mhz bus, would this then equate to 3200 DDR ram?

    What I am getting at is, I would prefer to buy a little more expensive ram (3200 DDR for my 1.25DP) upfront, with the hopes of using it in a 970 machine this Fall. I know my current machine will only run at DDR2700.

    Any thoughts??
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    Before you blow the cash make sure it works on the slower bus that you have right now. And considering memory prices lately... I wouldn't bother. If you are going to upgrade the entire machine, why get more RAM now? Also, why did you get a dual proc 1.25 with only 256MB? What a waste of a nice machine... :cool:
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    1) since when does faster memory (ie 2700-4200) not work in a 2700 bus machine? this would be something I had not heard of.

    2) its a brand new machine, which is why I have asked this question here. Why would I order 1gb from apple for $400 when I can buy it cheaper elsewhere?

    and 3) buying 1GB of Muskin or Kingston or Crucial ram will still run >$150 why not plan on using it 6 months from now by spending an extra $25 bucks??

    Sorry I thought this was a good question :(
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    It's unclear what kind of ram the 970 will use (the optimists say dual channel PC3200, the pessimists say single channel PC2700 minimum), but PC3200 should work in any DDR slot and be able to support 2-2-2 timings at PC2700 speeds, so I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I think it is a very valid question, but I do not know if all DDR RAM is created "equal" like PC66-133. It may be the case that PC2100 - 2700 is compatible but PC3200 isnt... I dont know, but it is worthwhile asking.
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    Some high quality PC2700 can be overclocked to PC3200. They're the same thing.
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    the high end ram will work with your powermac, as long as its ddr ram. ddr ram is stil sdram, so it wil sync it self to the ram bus or the slowest ram chip, which ever one is lower.


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