[Merged] iPhone Firmware 3.0b3 Released

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by LinMac, Apr 14, 2009.

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    ModNote: Merger of threads discussing the release of iPhone firmware 3.0b3 today. I shall also stick this thread for a while so that it can be widely seen. :) --mkrishnan

    Fully implemented A2DP
    That it will be released on April 14th.

    What is the point of this thread? Nothing better to do while waiting on a server to compile. :D
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    What makes you think it's being released today?
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    Beta 2 expires on the 24th of April (10 days from today)

    Beta 1 expired 10 days after the release of Beta 2.

    Beta 3 should be out today.
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    Awsome. Will the 'store' setting be working this time? Will YouTube work?
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    YouTube works now. You just have to set up as a new device. Apple encourages that anyway since 3.0 technically isn't supposed to be used on a non-development device.
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    Hmm, so far no 3.0b3 release. Maybe later today.
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    Anyone remember what time the Beta 2 was out? It is rather early in Cupertino (sp?) so I doubt it would be out til later today.
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    last time I think it was released around 2-3pm EST.
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    Yeah I seem to remember it being sometime after I got off work. Maybe 5:30 or 6 PST.

    Although that day they were having issues releasing it and it was delayed if I remember correctly.
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    Yes I know, I just don't want to lose all my settings/messeges etc.

    I know, but copy'n'past is so much fun!
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    It's information or a suggestion?

    Hello it's an information or suggestion?
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    It was around 5pm Eastern for me.
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    yea it was def around 5ish...cuz i just got home from work around there...

    I def think we will see a new beta today!
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    It was around 4:30p Central because I was on the way to class and getting notification of it.
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    I'm not sure if its just me but whenever there's an update and you didn't update your iPhone the iPhone starts to lag.

    Like since I woke up my iPhone is lagging like crazy.
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    It's just you.
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    So basically my iPhone has a special ability ;-).

    Lets see what happens tonight
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    i just hope version 3 will work better with mms....half the time i take the picture and press use, the message comes up with no picture as if i never even took it.....i know its beta but cmon!!!
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    no beta is for testing purposes only and that too for developers. If it does that when its released publicly, then you will have a valid point
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    Which means there's an update comming soon? :p
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    TRUE, BUT MY point is that if enough testers are having the same problem i am, hopefully it will be fixed by the next released version.
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    Lets hope so!
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    There is not going to be a new beta today... Just because it's Tuesday, doesn't mean Apple releases betas only on Tuesdays. I also realize that the last beta was released 10 days BEFORE the previous one expired, but they have a 10 day window to play with so why does it HAVE to be released today?

    I think it will be out by Friday, but I don't think it will be today... I'm just not feeling it.
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    There is no set upgrade pattern. Just because it was 2 weeks last time doesn't mean it'll be 2 weeks this time. Remember, with the 2.0 betas one of the build expired before the next build was out, so everyone had a dead phone for a day.

    Now if they release a new build every 2 weeks on the dot for 2 months, then you can claim there's a pattern. But after a single update it's unfair to make that call. It's like going outside and asking 2 people what they had for breakfast and their response happened to be a bowl of Cheerios, then you claiming that "100% of people ate Cheerios for breakfast today."
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    oh thank god you told us how you are feeling about this, i was holding my breath for your prediction ;)

    Apple has a great tendency to release almost everything on Tuesday. Heck im not even a big apple guy and ive picked this up, and obviously ive not been here for 2.0 beta's, so i wouldnt know much about previous beta releases

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