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Messenger bag advice

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by LEVENDIZ, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Just brought an 11 inch MacBook Air and need a messenger to take to school. It has to fit an A4 exercise book (pretty thick one), school diary (is a bit bigger then an iPad Mini, small pencil case, iPad Mini with a little room to spare.

    If anyone has a bag that can fit all this and would recommend it thanks, i'd like to have an option between leather and fabric.

    Thanks, LEVz
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    I have fancier bags, but the Timbuk2 bag is the one I use most often...
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    I recently picked up a Ogio Hip Hop bag for my work gear, its pretty awesome.
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    I'm a big fan of the Tom Bihn ID Bag with the Brain Cell insert.
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys, i was looking for something a little more plain on the outside :confused:
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    I'm rather fond of my Jack Daniels messenger bag which has a leather look, very subtle logo, and came free with purchase of 3 bottles.
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    Timbuk2 all the way. You can order a custom one and it can be as plain as you want.

    Dedicated laptop storage plus a place for your iPad.
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    I have a merrell bag (daily brief) Comes in Black on their site but you can get it in Khaki on other sites, it's nice and only $99


    Merrell now has another bag as well for $109. I've been a fan of merrell products for a while now.


    Just noticed you're not in the USA....not sure what your options are for this anyway.
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    Check Crumpler, I love mine.
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    Bbpbags.com makes great stuff. Check it out.
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    I have just a straight black bag. Plain, subtle, there when I need it. Not looking to attract attention.
  14. LEVENDIZ, Feb 20, 2013
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