Meta Tags Help you rank High on Google ??

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by fab5freddy, May 17, 2009.

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    I have asked several web professionals and am getting conflicting
    advice : if Meta Tags actually help you rank high on Google......

    Could somebody tell me if it helps by adding relevant keywords
    to the Meta Content and Meta Sections of your page source ??

    thanks so much !!
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    From what i have seen you can use meta tags to make your listing in google better formated, but from my understanding they do not help with your rating index in the same way your content does.
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    No they don't help as much as they use to. Meta description is still used though.

    Quality content and relevant links do wonders.
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    Many factors determine your ranking with Google.

    Meta tags
    Page titles
    URL names
    External links to your site
    Content, content, content
    Keyword density
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    ok, Thanks.

    From what i have read, Meta Tags do not matter as much as they
    used to in Google.

    But i guess it couldn't hurt to add some keywords in the Meta Section ??
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    Like rdowns said, there are many, many methods the Google uses to rank sites. And this info is a secret so you'll never get a definitive answer. That being said, properly implemented meta tags won't hurt. Just don't try to fake out the search engines by using keywords that really aren't applicable to your site. You could get away with that in the old days, but the search engines are a lot more sophisticated now.
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    I was also told that Hidden CSS div tags are a good way to
    inplement text and content into the website.....

    Is this something that Google will accept as valid ?

    thanks again!
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    It's a bad idea. Google looks for certain underhanded techniques to improve their search engine ranking, and will actually hurt your overall ranking because of it. Your best off not trying to cheat the system because you'll likely get burned. Also, even when you hide a div, people using screen readers will hear that content and likely become confused or assume their on a spam web site.
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    Heres my input on getting a high rank on search engines. I have a fairly new website compared to the competitors, approximately 4-5 months old compared to the other guys with 5-6-7-8 years or more experience. My page ranks number eight on the very first page of one very popular search term on Google and number four AND five on the very first page on the same search on Yahoo. Other very common search terms for my websites scope ranks within the first 10 pages and constantly getting closer to the top. I dont pay attention to the other search engines.

    Meta tags, page titles, keyword density, content, etc are all good but i feel the absolute most important would be external links from other top ranked websites. Its all about networking, making friends, and selling yourself and your website.

    If you send out a mass generic email to other webmasters asking for link exchange, you will probably get zero results. You need to offer some sort of benefit to the other website.
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    Correct. Google takes little or no notice of meta tags, other than a cursory glance at your description. But Google isn't the only search engine so it won't do any harm to include them.

    'Title' and 'Heading' (H1, H2 etc) tags are more important - use them to highlight key words and phrases from your content.

    Just remember the golden rule: Forget underhand tricks, there is no substitute for content.
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    The only meta tags that are useful to google, is the title tag, and the description.

    Googles getting more about off site seo, rather than on site seo.

    In saying that, the keyword meta tag is not read at all by google, but it is by yahoo and msn.

    have a look at this link for on page seo...

    if you want to get serious at seo, marketing one get traffic secrets, get a traffic secrets thats what taught me seo + other marketing stuff.

    but yeah, meta tags are become less and less effective every year, its all about offsite seo.

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    You've gotten good answers here. Don't use meta tags for Google but do use them for Yahoo and other search engines. Your page titles and descriptions are key, as is including your keywords in your page content. Don't hide them - that's black hat and will get you banned.

    Quality inbound links is what google wants to see most.
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    read this :

    they specifically state

    Yes they posted it three times, they are also correct. It helps, but it is not going to make it happen for you automatically.
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    Are you sure about that? I've gotten searches in which a term appeared in the keyword META tag but not in the body text as hits in Google, though I admit this may not have been recently, so it could have changed.

    Either way, the advice here is all good. I personally use the keyword tag to include variant spellings/common misspellings of relevant terms. Gets them in there somewhere without trying to include them in the body text anywhere. Might make no difference at all, but it doesn't hurt, at least.

    Having a good description can result in much nicer looking search engine excerpts, so that seems worthwhile most of the time.
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    Wow, thanks for the great tips!
    I love it when people really help you out like this ;-)
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    Hi Devan, Thanks for your input, but that Traffic Secrets link
    you posted looks like a Scam ??
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    I didn't know Google still looked at Meta information when it figured rankings.. ?

    Link placement, bold text, alt text, title attributes, good keyword content, et al are the best options. Thankfully, the ones that work the best also make your site (marginally) for accessible. Win-win :)
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    Traffic Secrets isn't a scam but it's EXTREMELY boring to watch. John Reese is a very well known internet marketer. If you're just starting in SEO then Traffic Secrets will give you an idea of where to get started but it mostly deals with getting traffic through social strategies, press releases, and advertising. Although it does have one disc devoted to SEO.

    But anyways, not a scam. I have the entire set.
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    Yeah, its a big set, i mainly listen to the mp3's when i am working just to refresh my mind. but it is a very good course.

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