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Discussion in 'Games' started by Dagless, Mar 31, 2007.

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    A semi-epitaph post. I picked up Metal Slug Anthology for the Wii on Friday and have pretty much not stopped playing. Just about as addictive as hell. I mean I've heard of the series and played the GBA game (eww) but I was not expecting it to be this damn fun! It's totally up my street. Co-op, stunning pixel art, silly, gameplay to perhaps even rival classic Mario games.

    Anyone else got this? 7 near perfect games. I didn't even mind paying Gamestation's ludicrous £39.99.

    When is 3D going to look as good as this?
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    This is at the top of my list, but I've been waiting a bit longer to get a little bored with the VC before getting it. I've seen several used copies at Ebgames for $35 USD (minus additional 10% with an ebgames advantage card) and almost rented it, but I know I'll end up owning it, so why bother.

    I've only played the middle three MS games, on emulators both on my Powerbook and PSP when I owned the latter. Addictive as hell, just like you say, but also refreshing presentation that never seems dated - just inspired like the best comic book art and with totally tight controls and gameplay.

    Even when i look at some next-gen 3d games, I'm still seeing stretched and distorted textures wrapped around blocky ragdolls. In fact, I don't remember ragdolls looking as blocky as some of the 3d models I see these days, plus most ragdolls appear to at least have their limbs securely attached to the torso unlike the models in, for example, MK Armageddon (based on screenshots of course).
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    i picked it up about a month ago and am very happy that i did. i played a lot of Metal Slug as a kid and it was always one of my favorite games. I also absolutely love the artwork, but i also love the comedy thrown in as well. i'm happy that they have unlimited continues but i also like the ability to limit your continues so you can test yourself because the Metal Slug series is freaking HARD.
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    Well it's £29 online so I'm taking this back tomorrow and re-ordering it online.

    Whats absolutely great is I get to play this for hours and scratch it down to "research". I mean these graphics are absolutely inspiring. And the co-op is second only to Streets of Rage 2, which really needs the VC treatment.
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    My friend bought this last month. I was weary of the controls at first, but after I started playing it I didn't give a rat's arse.

    We finally finished all 6 games last Saturday. It cost on average $10 in credits for each game. So for $39 the game is a deal. :)

    I loved the part where my character got turned into an uzi wielding orangutan. :D


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