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Metroid Prime Trilogy!

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by fiercetiger224, Aug 26, 2009.

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    So who's got it?! I grabbed mine yesterday, and just started playing it today! This is the way it was meant to be played! Brings back a lot of memories playing the first Prime back in 2002. Too bad the Wii wasn't out back then. :p

    I'm glad everything is now 16:9, and the Wii-mote controls have been integrated flawlessly. Looks like they've "touched" up the graphics a little tiny bit in the first prime as well. Too bad it still looks like crap on an HDTV...:confused: They need to make a Wii HD or something, or a Wii with HDMI + upscaling.

    I'm very disappointed that they omitted the titles screens for all three games! Every game had its unique opening...And awesome opening theme music. But they aren't there anymore. :(
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    I'm getting mine this weekend, too much work right now. I've really been looking forward to this update. Now my fingers are crossed for a WindWaker update.

    Awesome about the 16:9 support. I was wondering about that tid bit. I watched the developer video the other week and they mentioned updating some visuals, but not the widescreen support.

    I'm really happy with how the Wii looks on my plasma. It's a little bit pixely as expected, but the colors and so on it look great. I sit back about 7 feet anyways. It looked better on my Sony HD CRT, but not a huge difference.

    And that sucks about the title screens.
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    Well I've got an LCD HDTV 1080p, so LCDs aren't great for anything under 720p. :(

    BUT I do happen to still have my Sony 34-inch HDTV CRT! And it looks mighty fine on it. Man, only if LCD TVs had proper scalars in them...
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    My Sony died earlier this summer. :( It was only a 30", but I only paid $300 for it. I didn't expect it to die anytime soon though, as my old 36" Trinitron from 1999 still works.

    I wonder if it's the pixel aspect that's an issues with LCDs? I only have a 19" LCD TV, but it never looked that good with the Wii plugged into it. Of course it's no where as good as the newer LCD sets.

    Anyways, I'm excited about this game. I never played the second one to completion and I bought it the day it was released. :eek:
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    Thats sounds good and all but I still own all of the prime games and I can't justify buying it all over again for widescreen. I'll wait for Other M to get my fix.

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    I'll get this when the price drops. I love Metroid and think Prime 1 was the best game last gen, but Prime 2 and 3 are just "good" and already owning them I don't want to fork out full price for them all again.
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    So you guys wouldn't play the games again with the new Wiimote controls? It's such a game-changer! Makes it feel like a brand new game. It's worth it IMO. But then again, it is $50. :eek:

    Yeah, LCDs have weird interpolation methods, making old games seem "blurrier". I guess if there was a proper one included in every TV set, it'd look a lot better. But they want you to watch HD stuff...Not SD. :/
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    Oh no I definitely do want to get it. But it's still an awful lot for games that I've already played. £20-25 yes, but not a full price Wii game. I'd have liked these sold separately too since I can just skip over MP2 and 3.

    Anyroad. Hows the loading time on 1 and 2? It was noticeably longer on the original MP3 after all (blaming Wii disc).
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    Yeah I agree that they should have sold them all separately, and keep those damn title screens! :mad:

    Anywho, the loading is the same! I haven't noticed any slowdowns in loadtimes from the original GC versions. I'm wondering if the loadtimes were improved for Corruption? I'm surprised they were able to fit all three games on one disc!
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    I'm going to get this tomorrow.(I mean later today...) :) I already own all 3, but the Wii's controls are why I bought on in in the first place, so I'm excited about playing the first Prime again and finally finishing the the second game.

    I recall hearing that they bumped up the difficulty to match the controls? Or am I thinking of another game?
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    Actually they made Echoes easier...
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    That's probably for the best. Echoes was unrelentlessly difficult at times, yet in other parts it was a piece of cake. So long as they balanced it overall that would be nice.
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    Yeah, I won't know how "easy" Echoes is until I start getting into it.

    The only boss I thought was really hard was the boost guardian. I think that was one of the bosses that was in a dark area, without ANY light crystals to protect you, so you were constantly losing energy while fighting it...If I remember correctly. That and the spider guardian. I still liked the game a lot, even if it was really hard. :cool:
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    *jealous* :(
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    Was this game not released in the UK niuniu?


    My dyslexic mind must have heard the bit about Echos' difficulty and reversed it, which lead to my normal confusion.

    Anyways, I'm off to pick up my collector's tin O Metroid! :)

    IGN really liked these versions. It was good to watch/read a review from someone that's not your typical Wii hater with a prejudice to pointing quickly.
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    Not yet, still on pre-order :mad:
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    On the bright side, at least it's coming. :)

    My patients grows thin when I want things, so I almost always end up spending more. :eek:

    Anyone that's still on the fence, but loves Prime, BUY IT NOW!!!
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    I'll be buying this on Friday. I really enjoyed the first Prime on Gamecube but didn't play any of the others in the series, so it'll be a new experience for me.
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    Am I the only one who didn't think Echoes was particularly harder than the first? Or do I really not remember it well enough? I suppose the morphball-power bosses were pretty brutal.

    I still own all three as well but had to get this for the 16:9 (4:3 SD gaming on an HDTV is not enjoyable) and the new controls. They are the pinnacle of FPS controls for the Wii. Really well done. Got the special edition with metal box and t-shirt but Gamestop ran out of the posters. :( Anywho now I have these and still Shadow Complex to finish...
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    Haha, I didn't think Echoes was that hard. It seems that MOST people did though. For some reason, it was my favorite Prime game. I guess I just liked the "darker" theme of the game. And I thought the design direction of the game was brilliant.

    I also got this game for the 16:9. The Wii-mote controls just come extra. ;) It would have been nice if they retooled part 1 & 2 specifically for the Wiimote controls, such as opening doors (like Prime 3), etc. But then again, the originals were pretty much perfect, so it would have probably been bad if they'd gone back and messed with perfect games.
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    My friend got this, and I went to his house yesterday.

    The multiplayer is really good, even though I sucked, it was fun.
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    It depends on how you play these things. Echoes was more about energy conservation and learning to avoid enemies a lot. Prime was more arcade in that you could just flat out jump into a battle and (most of the time) come out victorious. So long as you could gather life and move between the 'light rod thingies' in the dark world bit you were okay.
    Never thought the bosses were particularly difficult though. But the final 2 big fights in Prime 1 blew me away! Used to just replay through them on backup saves.
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    T-SHIRT!!! :eek: A pre-order deal? :) I bought my copy from Gamestop, but no pre-order.

    My Wii looks happy on my plasma. It's similar to my CRT's color gamut, so all of my games hold up well -- even RE4. The only difference, is that I can see every pixel, but this isn't an issue to me as TV console games have always been pixely too me. :eek:
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    I'm getting mine soon... It's on "the list" so we'll see when I get to it. I'm very excited to get it. I played Metroid Prime years ago, but I never beat it. I'm going to play through all 3 now. Very excited!
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    Yeah about 5 years ago...... get over it already :p:D

    OK I know the UK versions probably did not, but my NTSC editions have 480p support originally anyway, so other than wii control, and easier echoes how have these been improved?

    And is it really worth getting if these are already on my desk ;)

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