Miami, FL - (The Falls)

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by JZ Wire, Oct 18, 2007.

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    JZ Wire

    Hi, to all those who plan on going to the apple store at the Falls.
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    Has the new store opened (or will open by then) or is it still that little hallway they have?
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    JZ Wire

    Wow, I had completely forgot. No, the new store wont be finished by then. I went a few weeks ago and they told me not until November. Hmm, I cant imagine too many people in that tiny "temp" store.
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    I guess I won't be going then. :(
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    JZ Wire

    Well. . .

    It may not be our "normal" store but at least they made an attempt and are still open. Im pretty sure they can accommodate use all. Im going either way so we'll see how it goes.... :rolleyes:
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    Preference for Aventura

    I'd prefer meeting up at Aventura, as it's a decent-sized store with decent options for food and stuff. Transportation also has more options than The Falls.

    I'll be going to get a copy and get my apps running on Leopard. I hope to meet up with some customers there.
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    Apple Hobo


    I hope you had better luck than I did. :eek: I stopped by on the way home from work, took one look at the huge line outside the boarded-up store and left. CompUSA is also reporting "out of stock" in all the stores here.

    Just bought a copy on Amazon for $109 + $3.99 one-day Prime shipping (and no tax :p).
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    JZ Wire

    What time did you get there? I went early and was towards the beginning of the line. They were letting about 10-15 people inside the store at a time and I was in the second group.
    The line started to get quite long close to 5 and after I left the store the line was still pretty long. Oh well, I used my edu. discount and at least payed a little less. Instant gratification... you bet! :p :D

    *Oh, they told me that the new store should be done by early Nov. around the 12th or so. They said its gonna look awesome.
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    I was apart of the first group to go in. I got there at 4:30.

    They had plenty of copies so I'm sure everyone in line got one.
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    JZ Wire

    Nice job. You took a lot of great pics. It turned out to be a nice day, well, except for the rain. Too bad the store wasn't completed by then. I did get my copy of Leopard and an OS X t-shirt which was a nice bonus. I have been using Leopard since then and its been a nice experience so far. I especially like Time machine and spaces. Also the new mail is great and the notes & to-do's are quite helpful. Hope everyone else is enjoying leopard as well! :)

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