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Miami Fl

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by LARQ1, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Hello Again:

    Hard to believe it has been a year of the 3GS Kick-off....

    I would like to know if everyone will be pre-ordering from Apple or ATT ???

    Unsure what I'll do ... Please advice. Thanks and Happy Iphoning !:)
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    I want to buy mine through Apple, not AT&T.

    Dadeland or The Falls anyone? :D
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    I'll be doing pre-order and have it shipped.. Screw waiting in a line in this humidity...
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    This is true. at least Aventura / Dadeland are indoor stores.
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    Did Dadeland open early last year?

    i bought my 3g at the Falls and they were open an hour or 2 early. I think at 8am instead of 10am. I am thinking that Dadeland might be a better option this year.
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    Good call about the indoor mall.

    I was thinking about doing Lincoln Road since it's just such a nice area to be in, but it rained when i got my iPhone 3G there... might have to hit up Aventura.

    Although if it's pre-ordered I'd be able to walk right in, right? No waiting?
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    Like a lot of us, I planned on pre-ordering a white 32gb today. I hope they'll be available by launch.

    Anybody else getting a white one?
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    I spent ten hours trying to pre-order today. FINALLY got it to go through at Aventura. Don't know how long I'll have to wait so I figured Aventura would be best so that I can wait inside of a mall (out of the sun and rain).
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    I reserved for pickup at Dadeland. Don't know when I will show up to stand in line. I assume they will be letting people into the mall to stand in line.
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    ordered mine online

    Hi !!

    I was able to order mine online thru ATT's website yesterday the 15th around 9am...Hope to get it shipped at home on the 24th !:D
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    Anyone familiar with the Dadeland store procedure for lining up? The store is in a mall so do people just form a line outside the main doors?
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    I just called the dadeland store and all the girl knew as of this point is that they would have a line for pre-orders/reservations and another for walkins.

    No idea what time the mall will let people in, but they are opening at 7am.
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    I reserved as well for the Dadeland store. Jus wondering what is a good time to show up, cuz I work that day and I jus wanna get my phone, go home upload stuff, and get 2 work.
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    I don't have a pre order, and I was wondering which apple store was the best to line up at.

    What do you guys think about trying the Lincoln Rd. store. Has anyone waited in line there before?
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    I have a friend who works there and he tells me don't even try it. its gonna be very crazy that day. ur best best is to try another apple store
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    Haha, thanks for the heads up.

    That leaves me Dadeland or Aventura, but I'm leaning towards Dadeland.
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    yup that's where I will be jus wonderin what time I should be there. Never done a launch before but I have seen da horror pics lol
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    I was really hoping that I wouldn't have to wait in line that long but to be honest I will be driving by Dadeland and the Falls after work on Wednesday. If I see a line I am going to eat, change my clothes and come on back. It's going to be a crazy day!
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    same here.

    Maybe we'll meet up and show our iP4s to the people in line :D
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    lincoln road

    hi all if anyone is hitting up LR please look for my thread. have fun next thur. :p
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    I did Lincoln Rd for the iPhone 3G. I remember they got more iPhones that year than any other Miami area store so if you don't have a pre-order it's definitely the place to go. You have to wait outside though, and I was waiting forever. That's why I went with Aventura this year. I have a pre-order but I know I'll still have to wait and I want to wait inside.
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    Not a chance. White iPhone 4's are 2 to 3 weeks out

    I kinda wish I did this now but I never got an iPhone at launch so I figured it might be fun at the store. I bet I'm wrong :(
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    The Falls

    I talked to three different Apple reps at the falls to get the scoop and they all told me the same thing:

    1) The store opens at 7am
    2) there will be two lines. One for reserves, one for walk in.
    3) IF YOU HAVE A RESERVE IT WILL ONLY BE HELD UNTIL 3pm. After that it will be recycled either to walk ins.

    I plan on being there when they open just to be on the safe side.
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    wow !!

    That would be kind of Sad...Bring my unopened 32GB Iphone 4 and do an auction outside the Apple store???.....Ok...the gentleman in green offers
    $32,150....any others????.....Sold !!!:D

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