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Michael Dell sinks $100M into Red Hat.

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 10, 2005.

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    So no more Windows on Dell computers? What does this mean exactly?

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    Controversial News of the day for me! That is very surprising... I am very curious on what that was for...

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    it's because 99% of dells support calls are caused by the fact that windows sucks balls.

    he just wants red hat to become a viable alternative for the consumer :)
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    as the article says, there really is no relevance as of yet, Dell himself might not have decided to make the purchase, but his personal financial team could have, i doubt this means anything as of yet, but time will tell
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    Dell will still support predominantly windows, but I'm sure that about 70-80% of Dell's support costs are a direct result of the utter crappiness that is windows.
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    Good Move.....another step towards the mighty microsoft empires imminent demise.......Bye Bye MS.......better getter longwind out soon huh........This crap makes me laugh and realise how lucky we are to have Apple....
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    I dont know a lot about RedHat, so I ahev a question. How compatable is Windows software with the RedHat opperationg system?

    If it would be an easy change over, I see no reason for Dell not to make the switch.
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    It's not. RedHat is a company that sells their own (somewhat customized) Linux distribution. Windows software can only run via emulation, just like on all other Linux systems.
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    with WINE it works, it just ports the windows API's to linux.

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    I don't care what the name of the product is, it is an emulator. It is emulating the entire Windows environment (at the API level, not at the user-level). That's how apps can run on it without modification.

    Back when you had to recompile your apps with WINE in order to make it work, the name might've made sense, but that hasn't been the case for a long time.
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    Dell supply servers with RedHat Enterprise installed and 1/3 years subscription to RedHat support.
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    wine is not an emulator because there is no emulation involved, emulation emulates an architecture, virtual pc is an emulator but it contains no OS it's just an x86 environment, WINE just provides the API's to run windows apps under linux, they both run on the same architecture if you recompiled windows applications for the ppc you could run them with darWINE the mac os x port of WINE.

    a single API is not an emulator and niether are a bunch of API's it's just an enviroment, it's like saying x11 is an emulator.
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    Man you guys are REALLY pulling the speculations out of your *cough*. Mike invests in all kinds of projects and if you read the article you would see that that was out of a possible 10 BILLION and was done via MSD Capital LP.

    This is nothing. Move along.
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    :rolleyes: Yep and tomorrow Apple is going out of buisness because that is what everyone has been saying over the last 10+ years. MS isn't going anywhere with 40 billion in the bank. They could completely flop on Longshot and build another steaming pile after that before they really start hurting. Again move long folks...nothing to see here.
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    The public implications MSD to make an investment into Redhat would not be lost upon the directors of MSD. As much as investment of MS into SCO or into Apple. It's small enough to say no big deal but enough to look twice at by the powers that be. Sort of flirting with AMD.
    (Any missed acronyms?)
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    Pff. Who cares about the possibility of Linux on a Dell machine. I'm looking forward to the inclusion of an IHOP with every Dell machine with a BTO upgrade to a Steak n Shake. :D
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    It would seem that Michael is covering all of his bases. It could backfire and burn some bridges with Microsoft.
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    Linux just keeps gaining more and more ground, to Microsoft's horror. This is another OUCH for MS.

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