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Microphone Peripherals for 6g iPod Classic

Discussion in 'iPod' started by codybrom, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Can't remember any mention of the 80/160gb ipod having the line in software still embeded in there.

    Could an iTalk Pro / TuneTalk / MicroMemo from 5/5.5 gen "potentially" work on the new ipod classic?

    I don't want to throw away the accessory I just bought.
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    anyone know of any hands on reports that can confirm this?
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    that would be ******** if there isn't any audio input. didn't the 4g was only mono input, and the 5g was stereo input with better audio. i always thought the ipod should be able to be a bootleg device. maybe it is for somepeople, but to what quality. the best god damnit!!
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    i work at best buy, so I'll test it with a display model when i set them up.
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    Yes, please check if works! I'd like to use a XtremeMac Micromemo with the iPod Classic too.
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    Found some positive news at iLounge:

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    voice recorders for 5G iPods don't have full functionality with iPod Classic

    I emailed XtremeMac back in September 2007 asking if their Micromemo worked with the iPod Classic. They replied,
    Since then XtremeMac has discontinued the MicroMemo. I emailed them on 01/20/2008 and asked if it was still available (because it was no longer shown on their web site). They replied on 02/07/2008 as follows,
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    I have an ipod classic 6th gen and an italk. It works fine. It does use up battery, however. I tested mine and on high quality it is done in 2 hours. I am looking for another one I can use that doesn't plug into the bottom of the ipod, 'cause I want to charge and record at the same time.

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