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Microsoft and Intel team up to replace BIOS

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 1, 2004.

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    Why don't they just adopt Open Firmware? It's an open standard, it already exists, and it would probably be a lot less work than trying to create an all-new BIOS replacement.
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    cause then it cant be patented and money cant be made off ot it.

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    Makes sense, unfortunately :(
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    Open Firmware

    Open Firmware, indeed! That would make the PC very Mac-like, wouldn't it?

    Even Microsoft's own "Macintosh" -- the XBox -- is getting a PowerPC CPU in its next revision.

    Does Microsoft have a bad case of Mac-envy or something?

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    A new Bios... I mean its really nothing the average user is going to have to know... heck there are few points where you DO have to go into the BIOS... so...
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    Microsoft is very well known, or infamous, for not adopting open standards.

    Besides, if they adopt open firmware then they can't make computers that only 'support' Microsoft Windows. Microsoft is flexing their monopoly muscles again.
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    As the say

    Meh, i use Apple exclusively
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    Was that a sentence?

    As 'they' say?

    Also... this could mean something for computer classes and just useful knowledge of technology as a whole.
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    I should really proof read some of my posts.

    Anyhow ...

    This is useful knowledge of technology as a whole;


    This is what is going to be revolutionary,

    A BIOS replacement will seem trivial if this roles out.
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    Capacitative coupling looks very promising. Might be enough to save Sun if they can get it working well in some real products. Maybe IBM will decide to buy Sun in order to get first dibs on this as well as gain most of Sun's current customer base.
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    well this seems like the way to go ... i was reading about the eventual limitations long before this article ... and then it dropped into my lap, This seems like
    the solution. Imagine the portability, the future of desktop replacements.
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    Anyone else think it's funny how "they refuse to adopt EFI until it is an industry standard" Yet they'll take anything microsoft puts out and deam it as "industry standard" .WMV/.WMA, .doc etc...

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