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Microsoft battles Apple over Tiger's Spotlight

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 16, 2004.

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    It begins..

    "Redmond, Start Your Photocopiers..."
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    it was mentioned somewhere in some other thread, but. . .

    Apple needs to buy up Google. This would be a very wise move for their piles of money.
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    Long Rant

    I posted a pretty long rant on this today... here is a bit of it:
    UPDATE: My rants are as fact-worthy as G.W. on weapons of mass destruction, so take what you will from it...

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    Eric Hahn? Wow, he crops up everywhere, doesn't he?
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    Oh, come on. Hahn headed up cc:Mail until the Lotus buyout, then went on to start Collabra. Both of these were messaging platforms with all kinds of interesting capabilities along the same lines as this Lookout tool, and that was years and years ago. The idea that this stuff was stolen from Apple years before they thought of it is kind of silly.
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    Don't forget, though, that these same ideas were being developed and perfected independently by the BeOS team, which is where some of the features now being put into Mac OS X came from. The reality is that two independent efforts to solve the same problem are meeting in similar marketplaces, so nobody's copying anyone else here.
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    As background, the rants I post on my site are usually to be taken as tongue-n-cheek and not very fact-worthy. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Wow, the tone was indistinguishable from the usual zealots who show up in places like this. Nice work, then =)
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    Ha ha ha! Thank you iMeowbot.
    I think I need to add a disclaimer when I do things like this...
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    This is such a typical move by Microsoft. When are they going to actually develop their own products and not just take other people's ideas?!
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    Definition of MS Innovation

    Microsoft calls acquisitions and reverse engineering innovation. Is there any significant software or feature that MS has not innovated in this way. The key word is significant.
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    The talking paperclip. :p
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    *cough* OS X, iTunes, Logic, Final Cut, Filemaker, AppleWorks were all acquisitions, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
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    Actually, AppleWorks was AppleWorks before it was ClarisWorks, so it wasn't an acquisition. Mac OS X is partly an acquisition and it's clear that Apple bought many things. Microsoft has been more willing to make deals with other companies to get technology, then pull back from the agreement (as with Stac) completely or nearly collapsing the other company in the process.

    Anyway, for anyone to say that Apple is the first to have a search engine like Spotlight is unknowledgeable of BeOS. Dominic Giampaolo put a lot of thought and effort into the feat, three times now with Spotlight.
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    It was definitely an acquisition -- in a way, Apple bought it twice.

    [edit: Incidentally, the old text-mode AppleWorks wasn't their creation either; it was written by Rupert/Robert Lissner and licensed to Apple.]
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    Apple is the one with the power over Microsoft. Microsoft has pretty much run out of innovative ideas. They are huge and well funded but such behemoths can collapse under their own weight if you strike them in the right spot. If Apple made a professional full featured office suite available on multiple platforms, MS would panic. Right now the people at Microsoft just copy, acquire, and litigate. They have too much cash to fight by litigation and can make more acquisitions as well. Copy and improve upon their crown jewel however...
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    I have to ask if anyone even bothers to read the posts where it is mentioned that Apple buys a lot of the stuff that MR members claim to be "innovation delivered by Apple." Apple isn't as innovative as most people believe. They have bought lots of things, OSX included. They don't develop these things from scratch. So instead of knocking MS simply because they're MS, maybe we shouldn't point fingers at MS and back Apple on everything. Apple didn't really develop this search technology completely, much like they didn't develop the widgets idea, also to be used in Tiger. Tiger is just Panther with a few ripoff ideas. Hey, lets be fair and bash Apple too, if you're going to continue bashing MS. Of course, I'm assuming that you're not hypocrites, which is probably not true.
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    It's an established FACT that Apple didn't rip off Konfabulator's widget's for their own desktop thingies in Tiger. Apple had the idea a long time ago, before Konfabulator even came out. I don't feel like digging up the article on it, but suffice it to say that you should educate yourself on matters which you obviously claim to know more about than others, all while calling them hypocrites.

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