Microsoft delays Office 2007 file converters for Mac users

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 16, 2007.

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    Lame, clearly MS are doing this deliberately. iWork it is.
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    Hopefully NeoOffice will get FULL support for this format so I won't have to worry...and when goes aqua, with this support, a TON of people will move away from MS Office :)
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    I'm looking foward to when goes Aqua. currently running under X11 it's very fast!
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    What? Shooting themselves in the foot? What's the penetration rate of Office 07 on PCs right now? How many PCs in the wild even have Office 07 converters in place? MS is tying the hands of its own format.
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    I do see your point about Office '07 having low penetration right now. But if you look at the Windows side you can see that they have converters going back to Office 2000 that integrate with the applications already. (In fact it seems according to this article that they have been available for a YEAR for Windows.)

    Now since NeoOffice (which is a volunteer effort) supports the new files properly already, clearly the only possible reasons they aren't supported properly in Office for Mac at this stage is either that MS are just trying to piss off Mac users (and prevent some switchers as they can't open Office Documents) or that they are utterly incompetent.

    I'd be more inclined to go with the former as they are the worlds largest software house, but whichever it is doesn't inspire any confidence to buy their products.
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    I believe that there is a mistake in this article. She refers to the MacBU engineers when I think she meant to say engineer.

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