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Microsoft dumps virtual PC for the Mac

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Thought that looked familiar.
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    Windows on a mac... *shudders*
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    No loss. There are plenty of other alternative solutions.

    Most people know the reason they bought Virtual PC in the first place was for the Box 1 emulator on the XBox 360.
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    Not surprised...At least we already have Boot Camp and Parallels. And VMWare on the way.
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    Erm, so Messenger 6.0 will be out "later this year"? Strange that I've been using it some weeks now. :confused:
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    Maxwell Smart

    This news is ancient. How did this slip by?
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    Look at the article date. I don't know how this ended up on MacBytes today. But as far as we're on the topic of Messenger 6, I wonder if MS will live up to their promises on the *next* messenger for Mac.
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    Slow news week.Gotta fill space somehow :rolleyes:
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    What I don't understand is why Microsoft does not have ONE OR TWO GUYS (and Apple too) to do "maintenance updates" to OLD programs Office 2004 Mac, Windows XP, Explorer 5.X, Virtual PC, etc.

    Apple could update 9.2.2, Mac Draw II :), OS 7.6.x, etc.

    Just so the old stuff could enjoy the benefits of itentified bugs and newer technology (file and disc formats, I/O, export to the newest thing) the older programs were not aware of.

    This stuff has fairly huge installed bases and even a $39 update fee could generate pretty good revenues.

    Apple in particular tends to abandon yesterday's products instead of respecting the users who have adopted them, or maintain them ALONG SIDE the new stuff.

    Have you deen the price of a G3 Powerbook lately? STILL almost $400.

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    Ermm.... first, Office 04 and XP are current software at the moment. Second, they've received a number of updates... Office has been updated what... five times since it came out? XP gets entirely *too many* updates. :confused:
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    I thought it sounded like old news too, but IT news had a recent date on the article.:confused: when I posted it.:rolleyes:
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    nice! this means some new cool product in office '07 pro!
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    Really good point. You'd think that this would be good business sense.
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    wait, what? you can emulate an XBOX 360 with VPC? That's rather neat!
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    No you can't.

    Connectix was purchased for their server virtualisation technology, something MSFT's pushing big. A positive offshoot could have been the XBox emulator on the 360, however it was not the focus of the Connectix purchase.

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