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Microsoft, Ford confirm deal

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 7, 2007.

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    that will be interesting to see.
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    Microsoft...you're not even trying anymore...sounds like a traffic accident waiting to happen anyway.

    What's next? Topping Apple for most cars with Zune compatibility?
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    lord patton

    I test drove a couple Fords the other day. Ford and Microsoft deserve each other.

    Nevertheless, a true iPod integration scheme would look like this... docking the 'pod, charging the pod, and accessing the songs and playlists through the car's in dash (and on-wheel) controls, displaying said info on car's info panel. Surprisingly few "integration" option feature this.

    1/8 inch aux in can eat me.
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    LOL! First thing I thought when I read the headline. :D
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    How did Microsoft get the system to play the fairplay AAC songs? Well, I guess this shows just how scared they are of us now. I laugh at you Microsoft.....
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    Using the iPod as the decoder rather than another device doing the decoding.

    Pretty simple...the iPod dock connector offers line out, and also allows for a remote to control the device, among other things. So the car controls tell the iPod to play the song, and the iPod outputs the song via the line out on the dock connector.
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    Wow, we need yet another implement to distract denizens of our freeways from the subtle art of driving.
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    I thought you were not allowed to listen to music from the Zune in a car. DRM and all that?

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