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Microsoft IPod 'Killer' Is Doomed

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 24, 2006.

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    "Zune" is just such a bad name. And all the pictures that I've seen of it make it look like a PDA from the 90s but smaller. No elegance.
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    One minute it's a serious threat, the next it's 'doomed'. Maybe the truth is somewhere in between... let's have this conversation in Feb-March 2008 when the 2007 Xmas sales have been totted up.

    What I want to hear is how Creative feel about this. :D
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    I'd expect MS would "do the right thing" and got a license for the Zen patent...

    How about you don't pay to license our DRM and we won't pay to license your stuff, OK? OK!

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    winmacguy has avery smug laugh @ Blue Velvet's comment :cool: :D
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    Microsoft may have just given Apple the nudge they need to open Fairplay to competitors.

    Creative and the others must be so pissed about this.
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    It would be wonderful to sit there listening to music on my zune knowing that after every song is finished playing I've managed to get by without my music player bsod'ing. That is until the next track freezes and I need to restart. ;)
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    if its anything like my treo 700w, get ready to "soft reset" every 15 songs....sorry, the memory ran out....
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    Only a fool would discount Microsoft, however it will have to be an amazing bit of kit to tempt me away from my iPod.
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    I've said it before, but with the iPod where it is today, any iPod "killer" had darned well be able to play .M4A files without conversion, and be able to read my iTunes library to preserve my playlists, etc....

    While there are lots of iPod users with only MP3s, I'm sure there are plenty that have at least some M4A files since that is the default.

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    M$, do the right thing??!!! :eek: ;) :D
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    Doesn't it bother anybody else that they typed it as IPod and not iPod? I really hate seeing IPod or I-Pod or I-POD. It's iPod. Not that hard.
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    this amused me...


    but i don't think it's a threat. unless it looks like a fluffy bunny i'm not interested.
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    Yes, I hate seeing iPod misspelled as IPod or Ipod. :rolleyes: Not that I noticed it until you said something....
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    I just Googled the word "zune". It's amazing how many sites have already popped up related to something that doesn't exist yet. I guess if you build it they will come. Maybe.
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    Sun Baked

    Like most things MS

    Zune 1.0 will suck, royally.

    Zune 4.8 will actually be worth buying, if the product cycles make it that far.
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    I like this quote from engadegt best
    "# The Zune brand is intended to be an entirely vertically integrated end-to-end solution, not unlike the iPod / iTunes / iTunes Music Store triumvirate.
    # The service and device will not be PlaysForSure compliant, meaning you will not be able to use your Zune player with Napster or Vongo, for example. This will be an entirely new system. Microsoft will continue to support and develop for their PlaysForSure initiative, but all things PlaysForSure are handled by two entirely separate division that will not have any crossover."
    Thats going to hurt a few players:eek: :D :cool:
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    Problem is, iPod development is going to outpace Zune development, and features on the Pod are going to be better implemented, which will still have people buying the iPod. Poor Microsoft.
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    Very true, Apple will not sit still and let M$ (or any other competitor) outpace their development of the iPod.
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    When I click that link, I get redirected to "http://www.hpp//www." which of course, doesn't work. :confused:
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    Same problem for me. :eek:
  22. hob
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    I've been on holiday for 3 weeks! Saw this story as I passed a hotspot, but never had that much bandwidth.

    I'm very glad to see rumours such as the iPod "none-touch" interface - if the next iPod has this, Microsoft will be playing catchup for years to come!! Zune could perhaps be a tiny bit better than the current iPod, but before Zune comes out, the new 6G iPod will come out!

    comingzune.com made me chuckle in the back of a taxi :)
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    I hate Microsoft. I know its probably a bit strong - but I hope it fails.

    I like my little Apple. M$ are pissed now, 'cos Apple made the iPod available on Windows, and whilst users may not like Mac, or feel it doesn't do what they need - they still have an iPod in reach.

    Microsoft are so bloody greedy.

    I know, state the obvious Josh, thats the point - they do run a business. But I mean, there is a place to stop, they are after all, the biggest.
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    Only if it's successful. Otherwise, it will just give Apple a good laugh.

    More seriously, I don't think this will succeed, even if they manage to get the UI perfect.

    I can explain this in one word: Wi-Fi. People have been griping over iPod battery life since the device was invented. What do you think will happen to any device's battery life when Wi-Fi is enabled? It will drop from (optimistically) 15-20 hours down to 2 hours (or less.)

    Hopefully, that feature can be turned off, but if people turn it off, then it won't offer much benefit.

    I suppose you can use it at home, docked with a cradle, but if you're at home, you really don't need Wi-Fi either. You can just play music from your hard drive. If you use Wi-Fi when you're not tethered to a power cord (like when away from home), well, there goes your battery again.

    It will be an interesting six months to watch :)
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    With a name like "Zune," of course you're gonna fail.

    Hasn't Microsoft attempted the iPod-killer like a billion times? They should look around them. How many other companies have had a marginal (some) success over the iPod?

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