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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by njmac, Apr 5, 2004.

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    "Microsoft is expected to unveil copy-protection software this summer that will for the first time give portable digital music players access to tunes rented via all-you-can-eat subscription services--a development that some industry executives believe will shake up the online music business."
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    sounds stupid to me

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    They are going to market all these millions of players, and then like that guy who figured out how to crack the CD security thing awhile back by holding down spacebar on loading, the security in typical MS fashion will go to sh*t.

    However, if this does take off, and is cheap enough, I'm going to sign up for it and download every single song in the catalogue and use up so much bandwidth that I single handedly drive the service under! MWAHAHAHA!!!!
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    I can see the life draining out of my iPod as we speak :p
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    hear hear. Honestly its almost as bad as beleagured...
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    I too am getting sick of the iPod Killers

    Is Apple the only company now that makes good products?

    If people stopped copying each other they might come out with a great product, it seems to be all about profits now and that everyone is selling crap just to make money out of it. I don't care if your MP3 player holds more songs or is cheaper because they look so cheap and ugly. Anyway thats just my opinion, I know that these creative companies may still exist, but for now we have the market flooded with these rubbish products.
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    If the journalist says, "new mp3 player" no one gives a sh*t. But if they title it, "iPod Killer," people come and read the article, and then realize that it's NOT going to kill anything, and leave once again either disappointed or smugly satisfied that still no one has gotten close to a product that can compete with the iPod. I think that they will only able to compete when the realize that people don't buy iPod's because they are cheap, but rather that they are quality useful and dang slick products.
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    geez, when will they get the idea that no one wants to rent music? :rolleyes:

    i'm sick of these "analysts." they only see the business side of things. subscription model doesn't work for anyone but accountants.

    presuming that we are all pirates and locking down our fair use rights sure is a new type of experience for us, the consumers, but it's definitely NOT what we want. (i personally don't care (yet), but a whole of others will.)
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    I just think it's hilarious how all these companies are clambering to make an "iPod Killer." Just the fact that they feel the iPod needs to be killed only proves how dominant the product is. (and not only in number, but in quality)
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    an iPod killer that uses Windows media player format?? :rolleyes:
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    Microsoft wishes...
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    prepare for blatently biased statement

    Apple has always been the only company that makes good products. Well within some kind of reasonable price range.

    Seriously though I'm fed up of the words iPod killer too, no product is ever going to kill the iPod. Yes products will compete and at some point some will most likely be better but not blow it out of the water, as implied. Do we always have to have all this statement? I fear we do until the iPod is no longer the market leader.
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    the thing about "iPod killer" is that it probably won't happen - anything designed to "kill" iPod will fail for exactly that reason.

    the reason iPod is successful is not because of the interface. it's not because of the design. it's beyond that - it's the entire concept. someone at apple thought that it would be a hot seller to have a beautifully sleek music player with enormous capacity and an intuitive interface to easily navigate those songs.

    anything trying to "kill" iPod will focus on some aspects of iPod and try to "improve" them. if those improvements fail to keep the beautiful balance of the overall package that is the original iPod, it will not be successful.

    to beat iPod, someone will have to go a step further than the original concept of iPod: beautiful, sleek, large capacity and intuitive interfacing. they can't just get caught up in beating iPod because then they will simply be stuck in the same box of thoughts.

    and my hope is that apple will be the one to come up with one out of that box and shock us.
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    I bet Apple could build an iPod killer.
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    The amazing thing about all these iPod killers is that none of them target the same consumer base. They are hardly iPod competitors, much less killers. If it's a device you might own aside from an iPod, it's not going to affect iPod sales.
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    THE iPod killer.

    If there isn't any easier way:

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    That's the first iPod Killer I've seen that actually sorts fits the description!

    Actually I think that a revolver would be better. It has a greater auditory experience and has a scroll wheel of sorts. and the trigger it touch-sensitive ;) Although I guess the bullet chamber is more like the carpal tunnel inducing scroll thing on the Dell Digital Jukebox.

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