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Microsoft Issues Security Updates for Office for Mac 2008 and 2011

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Microsoft has issued updates for both Office for Mac 2008 and 2011 to fix a security issue in which opening a malicious HTML email could result in an attacker "[overwriting] the contents of your computer's memory with malicious code" and potentially gain access to information stored on the Mac.

    The update to Office for Mac 2011 additionally contains a range of bug fixes:
    The 2008 update contains only the security fix. In both cases, you need to be running the most recent version of the software. To check this, go to the Help menu in any Office app and click Check for updates.

    Article Link: Microsoft Issues Security Updates for Office for Mac 2008 and 2011
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    In other words, some ridiculous half gigabyte security update. MS stinks
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    In other words, less than 190 meg update for my Office 2011 installation.
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    My answer:


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    Mike MA

    I'm using the latter too, but did you ever opended or even edited a MS Powerpoint Presentation using Libreoffice? The original layout is gone for good...not really applicable in the business world.
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    Keynote. Easily the best presentation program from any productivity suite.

    Pages and Numbers are pretty good but I'll give you that their counterparts in other suites may be more capable.
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    343.8 for mine. Though I feel like complaining about the size of software updates is a little old-fashioned now that I'm downloading multi-gig patches for console software.
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    Still better updates, features and support than what is called iWork.
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    Michael Goff

    Would you rather they just... not update anything ever?
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    Dr McKay

    When Apple release updates for you they're full of magical Unicorns and free stuff, when Microsoft release updates, they're only full of bugs and deliberate attempts to screw you.

    Everybody knows this

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    They haven't forgotten us ... thanks Microsoft.
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    Michael Goff

    Oh right, I forgot.
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    I just realized I dont even have the service pack 1...
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    Close... 348 megs installed! Yikes
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    A subject like this is the usual MacRumors canon fodder. Apple updates = well done, Apple knows when to act. MS updates = too late, lame, they do not know how to handle things. Cold war, the eternal enemy :)
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    I'm still waiting for my OS X 10.8.3 to fix some of my issues on the rMBP :rolleyes:
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    Less than 190MB for me, who was running a fully up-to-date version of Office 2011.

    Maybe next time think before typing something that makes you look ignorant and foolish?


    Just so you know, they get patches to fix things as well.
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    Outlook 2013

    Where is Outlook 2013 for Mac?
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    Michael Goff

    Same place as the rest of Office 2013 for Mac...
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    So those of us who actually want to use our macs to make word documents, it is such a nuisance that every time Microsoft has a security update, I have to wait for 200+ MB to download and install. Before you go calling people ignorant for expressing their opinion, go look in the mirror.
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    I mean, it's entirely optional. You can still open word documents without updating Office. You don't have to wait for 200+ MB to download at all, and if you want the security you can download it in the background.

    Having said that, it was 112mb for me and downloaded in the time it took me to write this post. I'm installing it now.

    EDIT: It's actually taking longer to install on my macbook air than it took to download.
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    200MB takes seconds to download and less than a minute to install. You can always defer the update until it's a more convenient time for yourself to install, which any sensible person would do if they needed to urgently access/create a document.

    Sometimes many months go by without an update. So stop complaining about things for the sake of it, it's foolish.
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    I have never come across a reason as to why PC version of Office is also so much better and easier to use than the MAC version of Office which is very strange.

    Libreoffice and Open office is not used in the business environment, never come across a business using it, being honest they are more home user tools. While Apple probably never wanted to produce a more advanced version of Numbers to compete with Excel.

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