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Microsoft iTunes?!?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by kanker, Jun 16, 2004.

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    Earlier today while I was listening to my XM Radio, they played one of their little tech minute type breaks where they were talking about the possibility that MusicMatch was working on or had a deal with Intel to put their software on the motherboard of new Intel processors. They went on to say how this would put MusicMatch in a strong position to compete against RealNetworks and Microsoft's iTunes. All I can say is wow. How do you screw that one up that bad.
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    Doesn't Microsoft make everything? Cause the other day while driving home in my Microsoft Explorer I stopped by Microsoft-Mart to buy some Microsoft Jerky. Then I swung by McMicrosoft for a MSflurry.
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    haha funny... but that was a stupid mistake. i guess he doesnt know his companies that well.
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    It can be surprising to people when you tell them that Microsoft didn't invent the Internet or something stupid like that :rolleyes:
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    i live in a small town out back of nowhere......

    .... where there are literally people who havn't heard of Microsoft, or at least couldn't ell you what Microsloth does other than, perhaps, "something about them com'puter thingamajiggas".

    mind you, they havn't heard of Apple either. news that WWII is over can also come as a shock to some, while others reminisce about the Menzies era.

    i feel blessed.... even tho such people are a minority, even 'round here. :eek:
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    Yeah, you'd think, wouldn't you. It's a good thing that Apple works so hard on their brand so some idiot can come along and give the credit to M$. The bright side for me was that I heard it at about hour 9 of a 10 hour road trip, so I had a good laugh for the last hour. :eek: :rolleyes: ;)
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    Didn't you hear? Microsoft has patented the letter I. They also patented the name "iTunes". The EFF was going to argue, but Microsoft patented the EFF. Apparently they couldn't find prior art for any of those things no matter how hard they looked.
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    or maybe iTunes has such effective market penetration that the term 'iTunes' has become generic. Therefore, this radio announcer was actually talking about Windows Media Player, which, in effect, is just Microsoft's version of 'iTunes.' :D
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    Apple had better hope that that is not the case, as that is what makes trademarks invalid. Companies jealously protect their trademarks because when they become the default name for a product, the trademark is lose. For example, Asprin used to be a trademark of Bayer, but it became the common name for acetyl salicylic acid, Bayer lost the trademark to the name Asprin.
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    thats like saying the dodge F-150 did well in crash tests. i don't think he meant media player, because as far as i can tell, its not in a good position to be considered a competitor to napster or realnetworks. its foolish to think microsoft-anything besides windows and xbox, really. if your not thinking apple with iTunes, your thinking iPod with iTunes, and if your not thinking apple with iPod, then this guy is REALLY living under a rock.

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